Friday, September 14, 2012

New Organizational Goals for fall 2012

I'm going to take a break from trip posting - I've posted up to day 15 of our trip and still have until day 22 to catch you up on! Mostly that's Oregon, Idaho and Alberta - all of which was beautiful and felt like home. I am loving all the trip posting, but I am missing writing about the rest of life. 

Because life is full and busy!

As I mentioned when we first arrived home, we have now been home almost two weeks. Boy is it great to be home! By the time we finally made it to church this past weekend (our first Sunday back) we'd seen almost everyone since we had been at the Campus Conference in Calgary with many folks, and then the Every Nation Canadian Leadership Institute in Calgary with many more folks, and then a few random visits while in town, the youth worship night chapel at church and finally our dear friend Bev's wedding in Washington pretty much meant we got caught up with all but a few. It was a perfect reintroduction. 

@ Harvest Institute
The Vancouver Crew & me and my girls

@ EN Canadian Leadership Conference
Note: Paul and I are missing - we left early

@ EN Leadership Picnic
Me and my cousin Jessica!

@ Chapel: youth worship night
Heading in
and worshiping

@ Bev's wedding
I did not take this photo - sorry for the blurriness!

What was slightly less perfect was coming home to a house that needed unpacking, while getting back into work and school...including groceries and feeding people and my cycle commute. Phew. 

Cook, cook, cooking!

Outfits again!

View from the bridge I cycle over daily...
A reminder that God loves me.

Lunch downtown with a friend

But I did manage to pick up two new things this week and of course found time to get them all ready to be used - I love new things!

My new cabinet bought from the bride above
& a new juice pitcher - finally!

By the end of this past weekend our house was in order! 

Monday night we hit up a Morgan family party for Andrew's 13th birthday - so even more catching up was possible!

And by Tuesday night we'd managed to feed 17 people for dinner (at one time) and throw lifegroup in our place. Win!

All the fun and people aside, as we settle back into life there is a lot to think about and a lot to sort through. I've been thinking about my goals and plans and processes. I feel apprehensive to even mention my goals...Looking back at a list from last year I completed almost all but I still hate to have tasks hang over my head. That being said, I need to know what my priorities are or I end up doing things like crafts rather than tackling real problem issues.

Example A - chalkboard labels made looong before the rest of the house was even remotely dealt with.

So down to it...

Organization Goal:
1. Organize clothing in Bedroom - unpack and put away
2. Sort Papers – Consolidate (from EVERYWHERE in house) and Conquer
3. Organize iTunes
4. Organize Command Center
5. Bedside Drawers
6. Make Cards for all occasions (Goal of 30) 
7. Print, frame and put up pictures
8. Print and mail pictures
9. Mixbook of trip

Health Plan:
• Bike Ride /daily commute (1 hour of actual exercise)
• Stretches/Work out (15 minute each morning of exercised geared towards stomach weight loss and core strengthening)
• Food – continue to eat salads for lunch & make lighter dinners & find a better daily breakfast
• Water – drink more water!
• Track all food & exercise, using weight watchers point system
• Weekly, Monday, weigh in’s in change room at work. Chart weight in Excel Spreadsheet

All these things seem doable and fun to try...especially in the light of this wonderful article on self-discipline!

And there you have it - life on a page. Next up: a weekend filled with friends, relaxation, a baby shower, church, brunch with family and sunshine (wishful thinking). 

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