Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 11: Deming, NM to Phoenix, AZ

Day 11, Wednesday: Deming, NM to Phoenix, AZ
KM start: 159,495 Km
Trip Meter: 3,038 km
Time Driven: 7:00am - 12:00pm (5 hours - change one hour time zone)

We felt pretty rested when we woke up - it had been a very relaxing night and it was nice to really catch up on some sleep before heading out. We left at 7am Pacific Time (which we were heading to) or 6am Mountain Time (which we were leaving). We loved the free breakfast at the hotel and made sure to fill up our travel mugs with much needed coffee and tea for the road. 

The drive was "desserty", rocky and filled with the audiobook "Light from Heaven"

Love these rocks

Also many cool Cactuses...

We made it to Paul's grandpa's house in Phoenix by noon. We said we'd be there at noon and we were. I love when a plan works out!

I hadn't had the chance to meet Paul's grandpa Wes or his wife Carol before since we live so far away! I also got to meet Paul's Uncle Jeff and his wife Tammy. On top of that we got to meet some of Wes's siblings and some of their kids as well. It was a great time of meeting family unknown family for me. Wes and Carol have a beautiful house, and Carol has a knack for hospitality. We felt very welcomed and cared for while we were there. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting around chatting with family and filling them in on our adventures and really, who we are and what we do in life. It was great to catch up on time and life and hear all about what the rest of them were up to. 

Jeff, Paul and Wes

Irrigation to water the plants

We all had a big dinner together...

As you can see, Carol is an amazing cook.

and then headed outsides for some whisky, cigars and pool time.

Jeff, Paul and Wes, again. 

Carol and I enjoying the pool.

Gorgeous pool in the warm night

It was a lovely, relaxing night. 

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