Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 16: Crater Lake, OR to Eugene, OR

Day 16, Monday: Crater Lake, OR to Eugene, OR
KM start: 162,200 Km
Trip Meter: 5,744 km
Time Driven: 9am - 12pm

As I mentioned before, we got up early to watch the sunrise. 
It was totally worth it

It was a feast for the eyes.

We were all bundled up and happy

Paul, looking regal

Trying to get a shot of me - but this one just looks like I'm on a ferry or something

Now you can tell it's Crater Lake, but Paul didn't mention to me until afterwards that he'd positioned me so I'd have bunny ears.


Then we headed back to the car to drive back to the campsite (20 minutes away).
It was a beautiful walk back to the car

I was so impressed with Paul's lantern solution - see it in the daylight

Then I whipped us up breakfast sandwiches - Paul has fire roasted Hatch Chilies on his.

We packed up and headed towards Eugene, we got to do a nice loop of the lake on our way home. 

The drive out was beautiful.
To love my husband, we listened to NPR the whole way.
I did not love it.

We made it around noon to Grammie and Grandpa Chapman's house.
We got to eat lunch in their beautiful garden.
It was so nice to see them.

Then we headed to the University of Oregon - Go Ducks!

We walked around some of the area and visited the Ducks Store.

Paul is very happy in these photos.

Then we headed to Delta Ponds for a walk - and we saw a little creature.
I forget what he is but he's cute, he can swim and he has red front teeth.

Not particularly beautiful but very tasty

The ponds were gorgeous

Paul and his Grandpa walking and talking

We also got to see this bird named Jake.

After a brief rest at home we headed out to McMenamins Pub on the water.
It was lovely.
We met up with the other Morgan's - Uncle Jon, Aunt Barb and cousin Jonathan.
Since Jonathan was on cloud nine from just buying a motorbike, I made him be in two photos. 
Just for fun.

The conversation was great - I learned a lot about football, the Oregon Ducks, how sports works in the USA and what it's like to be in the Marching Band (that was from Jonathon).

Plus my Salmon Salad was lovely. 

It was a perfect day. 

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