Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet Southern Baby Shower

Shower photos credit to Paraphrase Productions

I love to throw parties. I love to attend well executed parties. And now I can say for the record, that I LOVE to attend parties thrown for me by my amazing friends. The baby shower my girlfriends threw for me was AMAZING. They knocked it out of the park. I'm not sure I could have even pulled off what they pulled off - especially with the level of calm that prevailed. I felt so loved by their attention to detail and their attention to the things I like. I was blown away. 

Many of you have seen my #nurserysneakpeak 's posted on facebook and instagram and you'll notice some of the decor moments from the shower that have eeked over into the room. The planning ladies took the time to make sure their decor could be used again in my house and nursery! They were so very very thoughtful. These poufs, dot strings and banner  were all party decor that is being repurposed in the room

There was a crack team of women behind this party: Lindsay, Hanne, Irene, Jenna & Ana were the main power women and they had a team of other women who jumped in to help with other aspects (Stefany, Kayla L, Crystal, Laura [photography], Jackie and more!). My Auntie Debbie graciously allowed for the party to be hosted at her place, which is always beautiful already and big enough for all my friends. 

Lindsay, Jenna, Hanne, me, Ana & Irene

The planners plus Kayla - helper extraordinaire

Seriously, the details of this room amazed me. They got my colors dead on (pinks, teals, golds, white, silvers and burlap/kraft). They made gluten free items, lots of healthy food, and lots of tasty food. They made a wonderful mock mint julep which I loved and had way to many glasses of. If there was a design item I liked, they included it. These ladies have listened to me, they've looked around my house, followed my blog and made a dream party for me and I could not feel more thought of and loved. Plus they had fun doing it and made sure I knew that at every step of the way. Oh, the happy. Here are some decor and party highlights!!

Discs and Fans

Sweet Comments from cherished friends

A mantle of happiness

Clothes hung on the line with care

The sweetest shoes and hairband

Diaper Cake by Hanne - the queen of cakes both real and diaper

Midnight encouragement for late night diaper changes

A photographic history of my life - this I love

More clothes hung with care and poofs!

Sometimes people tease me for having too many friends (that sounds silly written down). It's true though, I have lots of friends. Having no friends in elementary school will do that too you! This makes me value relationship and this shower was an abundance of relationship. 60+ women came out to celebrate this new baby with me and I felt so so so very loved by them. Heck, the shower could have looked terrible (it didn't) and the love and support from these women would have been enough. Here are some of the people! 
[And by some, I mean approximately a thousand. Forgive me]

Irene and I admiring her handiwork

Grabbing food with my wonderful friend Ana

With my coworker Erika

Loving it!

One of my wonderful mother-in-laws - so thankful for Carol

Two of my sister-in-laws, Laura & Sara

Some of the ladies

Family enjoying!

Hanne, diligently taking gift notes

 Katie & Nancy (via FaceTime)

I look like I am sobbing. I am not.

My amazing sister - Jenna

Some of my wonderful friends:

Ereka, myself and Arlene

Auntie Sandy, myself and Auntie Debbie - I love these women

The haul - I am one lucky lady

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the women that came out to love and bless and spoil me thoroughly. Paul and I are amazed by your generosity, I am so thankful to call you all our friends and family and our little baby girl will be so blessed to have you all in her life. 

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Molly Liu said...

All the decorations are adorable!!! <3 great photos!

Louisa He said...

so touching and completely beautiful! so happy that you received this gift of a day Tara!!


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