Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mat Leave thoughts

Mat Leave Week One/thoughts: [written Friday, March 6th]
Paul and I are away for the weekend. It's our "Paul and Tara time" before baby. We went out for dinner on a Thursday night - we used a gift card I got from work to eat at Black & Blue downtown - an amazing meal. Then we wandered around downtown with Timmies tea and eventually drove over to West 4th to have drinks and play board games at "The Cove". It was a lovely night. We tidied up the house and hit the hay. Friday morning we had Paul's grandparents over for tea - they wanted to see the nursery all done up. Then we were off to Langley to hit up the theatre - we watched the Kingsmen. It was a good movie - a bit graphic at times, but very engaging. We headed off further to Abbotsford to go to our hotel - Nancy had got us a wonderful Christmas gift - a nights stay at a B&B. We've rested and enjoyed the surroundings. We hit up dinner at a Greek restaurant in town and it was really really good. We're watching Forrest Gump now in the big attic theatre room of the B&B and It's perfectly lovely. Tomorrow morning we're off to Lynden Washington to visit our friends Mark and Heather who are there for the weekend. We haven't seen them in a year so that will be a nice treat. Then we're off to Bellingham for groceries, a final stock up before the baby comes. We'll grab some Mexican food and then head home. So far it's been a lovely weekend and I'm so thankful to be married to someone that I love to spend time with, who I can talk to and play games with and feel totally comfortable with. 

It's been a lovely first week of Mat leave. It didn't sink in until Thursday since there was stuff going on every day until then - I was teaching a class Wednesday and doing the nursery over the weekend but finally, finally, I am able to rest. I had such fun pulling together our little girl's nursery - Paul was amazing at the renovations and I loved doing all the decor and organizing. Speaking at the class on Wednesday was awesome but oh so nervous!! It ended up being so fun and I am so glad I pushed through my nerves to do it. It was a powerful night. I also spent a few times hanging out with my Mom and Sister since my Dad is out of town. 

Mat Leave Week Two/thoughts: [written Tuesday, March 10th]
I’m in Victoria staying with my Nana. I had a wonderful weekend away with Paul, followed by a great Sunday in town with friends. That weekend of relaxation came after a week of busy. I’m enjoying relaxing at my Nana’s and spending time sleeping and resting and drinking tea. It’s a lovely life. Later tomorrow I get to head out to Langford to see my friend Tami and spend the night with her, and then Thursday I’m back here for more relaxing. I’ll have dinner with my Aunt and Friday Paul will join me and Nana for the weekend. It’s a good couple days. Sunday we’ll head back to Vancouver. Paul works during the week and I have a “heavy” schedule of fun decorating in the nursery (seeing a crib skirt & pillows, putting up a frame wall, hola), napping, nesting and seeing friends. I am hoping to catch up on my outfit posts - I’ve taken pictures of the different types of outfits for the past 4 weeks and am excited to post them and see the changes of my belly. 

And now I am ready to rest some more! The life at Nana's is always lovely.  

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PMorgan said...

I look forward to our time together in Victoria with your Nanna.


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