Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dressing the bump, Weeks 32 to 35

Finally I had time to edit the many outfit pictures I have taken this past month. And I had the time in the best way possible - while I edited I sat on my friend Tami's couch and chatted with her while watching Property Brothers and other such renovation shows. A great way to spent 6+ hours - chatting, laughing, hearing a great birth story, watching mindless tv and editing pics. Love it. 

Speaking of things I've loved, continuing to dress the bump. Now I'm really really dressing for two - she's super noticeable!! We've taken to calling her Thunder Bump - she's loud and proud and super obvious. I love it. I also love how proud Paul looks when we take photos together right now - biggest smiles that he's ever had for photos! This is especially cool when you remember how much he hates getting his photo taken. 

{taken at 34 weeks}

{taken at 33 weeks}

32 weeks was right around the time that I discovered some new necklaces (you can see one of them on the turquoise sweater) and that I picked up some new colors of my favorite cardigan at Target on sale (navy and pink). We were also doing a lot of painting and other prep work to get ready for the nursery. You can see my "gettin'er done" outfit on the far right.

33 weeks includes many of my new necklaces, as well as the decision to wear my sort black boots almost constantly, even to work. They helped keep me cooler than my tall boots, but were quite comfortable with orthotics in and I love how they look. 

At 34 weeks I embraced flats in a new way as the seasons changed and fell in love with my favorite cowl neck sweatshirt (with long necklace) in two different colors - thank you Target! Actually, almost every single sweatshirt or cardigan I'm in all of these photos are from Target - Target just gets me, you know?

I realized at 34 weeks that 
a) I loved the peach necklace that I am wearing in three of these shots below and 
b) these jeans make me feel great! They are perfect for wearing for errands and outside of work.

At 35 weeks I needed to get dressed up a couple times, as well as wear clothes to work around the house. I was on week one of Mat Leave so could get a lot more comfortable. I wore the green dress below to a tea party themed shower, and the black dress for a date with Paul. I find it amusing that in a few of these outfits, from straight ahead, you can't really tell I'm pregnant - especially the all black comfy clothes outfit. I change into that outfit almost every evening when I'm home and love how comfy it is. It's also fun to look at it straight on and feel tiny and thin, then turn and see the thunder bump pop out. (It should be noted that as I edited the photos and typed out this blog post I was indeed wearing my favorite black joggers and a black shirt - it's basically my comfy uniform)

Though as is obvious to see, my real uniform is jeans (most likely the distressed pair), a layered tank and t shirt, long necklace and a target cardigan. I'm a creature of habit and own the same types of clothing in many different colors. 

Clothing aside, baby is growing well. She's on target for growth goals (as am I for weight goals, hola), and her heartbeat is as it should be. I still have some heartburn but not too much. She's definitely descending into position - it's a bit uncomfortable at times, though it's neat to know she's doing what she should be to get ready to be born! I'm still in love with blizzards and soft serve ice cream though I'm finding I can't eat as much of it anymore - my appetite is going back to normal. I'm craving bread and wheat like crazy but trying to keep to my wheat free eating - even though the cravings are legit, I still feel so crazy sluggish when I give in to them and it's just not worth it. Though that Turkey Sandwich on Dill Rye that I had on Sunday sure did taste like heaven! 
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