Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Maternity Shots & Pineapple time

My baby is the size of a pineapple, according to my pregnancy app. It's definitely not stationary like one! She moves like crazy right now and I love it, despite the mild discomfort at times. Though she is pokey like a pineapple at times, for sure. It's been a crazy couple of weeks! Between my baby shower (details to come on that as it was fabulous), my grandpa's funeral, training my replacement at work and all the other regular life things life has been speeding along at an insane rate. I know that's pretty normal in my life and yet frustrating as I worked so hard to try to slow it down in pregnancy! However death waits for no one and so life was accelerated of late. But the funeral is passed, I'm done work and only have a few big tasks hanging over my head going forward (nursery prep, a class I'm teaching tomorrow, and general tidying of my house - it's pretty crazy after a couple weeks of events). Phew!!!

Symptoms lately: still some lingering heartburn but honestly I feel silly even mentioning since it's so mild. I know I know. Haters, come at me. My fingers and toes do swell up still at times, not all the time but different days and scenarios. Also the exhaustion is pretty intense, thankfully I've only been working 4 hour days, so I have been having amazing naps in the afternoon and I am so so so thankful for that. Two weeks ago I only worked 1 full day and 2 half days - then my boss gave me Thursday off to work on the funeral and man was that needed - I don't have the push through ability I used to have! The following week I worked half days to complete my time at work and then by Thursday I was done at work.  PreNatal Classes are over (!!), I'm now onto bi-weekly doctor's check in's, and I'm on the first week of prenatal classes. 

This weekend was the start of project nursery. We did a lot this weekend:
  • Ripped out the carpets & install a new one ($230 from End of the Roll)
  • Painted the closet white and the walls light grey 
  • Striped the closet with tape (from Walls Need Love)
  • Assembled furniture (single bed, Hemnes Dresser, Kallax x2, Raskog Kart & Bucky from WestCoast Kids).
  • Sorted all baby stuff – separate out clothing (by age and type), gear & d├ęcor. Between the shower and stuff we’ve been given or lent we had TONS of stuff to sort through!
  • Set up the room! Make beds, put away clothing, put up some decor.

On top of project nursery we had to do the normal life things that got put on the back burner because of the funeral:
  • Sorted batch of bulk groceries/pantry items into cellar.
  • Finished packing hospital bag(!!) and pack up diaper bag (!!)
  • Prepped for the course I’m teaching Wednesday night at church. 

This week my Dad is away so I will be taking shifts with my sister to visit my mom at her home so she doesn’t feel super lonely or neglected while he gets the respite he needs. Also we meet up with my cousin and her family for dinner (yay!), are having lifegroup tonight and I’m teaching a course tomorrow night.

The good news in all of this, at least the restful news, is that starting Thursday Paul and I are having a bit of a “babymoon”. Thursday night we’ll be out for dinner downtown for a date and then Friday Paul has the day off so we will be heading out to Abbotsford – he’s got a special day for us planned (a surprise!) and then we’re off to a hotel his Mom booked for us a Christmas Gift. I’m pumped! Then Saturday we’ll be heading into Washington for our LAST USA trip before I have a baby – we’ll visit friends who are in Lynden, down from Puyallup, and then swing by Costco, WinCo & Target for last minute baby things still needed and to top up our cheese and milk supply. It’ll be our first cross border trip with the Van, so that will be fun.

Then Monday I head to Victoria for a week to stay with my Nana, visit my friend Tami over night and have Paul join me there for the final couple days at my Nana’s. To me this really really signals the start of my time off before baby – it’s relaxing to be with Nana, always. Her house is one of my happy places in life, and she is so great at making rest and care feel like a priority. Plus we’ll take walks on the Gorge which is always nice.

Also good news? We did our maternity shots with the amazing Laura at Paraphrase Productions and are so happy with how they turned out!

Paul being the goof he always is

Joyful parents to be

I love this - about to raise kids in Vancouver

I am surprised that my neck doesn't hurt more often than it does

THIS is my favorite photo

I like this a lot! 

Comparing bellies

Belly heart

 And now I'm off to nap for an hour before cooking dinner. So ready for next week's relaxation! 
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