Friday, March 27, 2015

Dressing the Bump, Week 37

So week 37 has come and gone and I'm well into week 38 now - consequently I'm officially done with one month of Mat leave and it's awesome. Let's look back at week 37's outfits! My body continues to grow and expand and make room for our sweet baby girl. 

Also my room is getting ready for her arrival - bassinet at the ready! The pillow was only there's now cleared out and ready for her. 

And speaking of getting ready, some sneak peaks of the nursery!
The pouf feature, new crib skirt and girlie ruffly bed

The bed (for sitting, sleeping and breastfeeding friends), cozy pillows and white deer head with hanging dots

A new ruffly pillow to match the sheets & bed linens

Little brown bear with little white rabbit

Bigger brown bear with bigger white rabbit  and the blanket made by my Nana's sister 

My new pouf ready and waiting for breastfeeding

Still more to come but oh, oh, oh it's coming along and is almost perfect. So happy. I can't wait to bring our girl home to this space. Yes, it won't be as pretty when she gets here...there will be more poop, more spit up, more crying, and more urine. To be fair it's not hard to have more of those things since so far there is no poop, no spit up, no crying and no urine. BUT all of that aside, oh there will be more sweetness, more cuddles, more love and another Morgan in our family. So excited. 

That being said I am also more than ok to keep waiting. I'm officially in my due month and not feeling quite as terrible as I feared I would. I don't mind waiting for her to arrive though - every day she's not here is a day without diapers, a day without extra poop. I hope to not be overly late, I'd hate to be induced. But I don't mind the idea of the in between time though - early April sounds perfect to me. April 15th would be induction day (10 days after my due date of April 5th) if it got that far. I am excited to meet her though - she's wiggling around in my tummy like crazy. You can often see her wiggling and squirming in there, which is so neat. She's been hitting my lower areas and pushing up with her bum onto my upper belly. It's pretty cute. She's been getting the hiccups about once a day, and also that's cute. I sense that I will think most things she'll do are cute - so I apologize to you, dear readers, and to facebook...hopefully there isn't an onslaught of baby photos coming up once she's out!
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