Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flights: A journey of fanciness

Oh my gosh. I can't wait. Next Friday we're flying to Austin, TX with Paul. This is our first flight together since our honeymoon (in 2010), and before that I hadn't flown since summer 2008. I happen to LOVE flying. Yes, there are annoying parts but that's true with everything and I just love it. 

I'm excited about going to see Paul's mom too but let's focus on the flights and the travel. Usually we are drivers. We drove to Texas last visit and all of our little trips are by car. So I am excited about the flights. Let me tell you about it. 

It starts with the organizing. Researching flights, then finding the right ones for a good price then paying. Then comes all the little details, where to park, when to leave. Then I start reading blog posts on travel and packing and oh, it's fun. These posts were particularly helpful: How to Pack for 10 days in 1 Carry-on and The Travelling Blogger.

Then the packing - picking clothing is much trickier when flying. I can't just bring a giant bag with every single thing in it. I'm forced to think about what to bring and then work through that. This is helpful for a chronic over packer like me. It makes me pick outfits rather than clothes. It lets me sift through outfits and pick favorites. 

I love the thrill of packing my purse with all my stuff - being smart and strategic and bringing enjoyable things for the road. I love thinking through every item in the bag (the thermos, the tea, etc), I love planning what to bring and what my needs will be. 

There's something about arriving at the airport, walking in with luggage, checking feels so grownup. Yes going through security is tiring but afterwards you get your drink and wait at your gate, Magazine or iPad or Book in hand. I love it. Forced waiting. No chance for productivity (since I don't travel for work). 

I love the first moments after boarding - my bag is tucked away but I have the few things I need in the pocket of the seat ahead of me. iPhone and earbuds, iPad, People Magazine & a book. So there are options, you know. I love the options. This might be our last flight sans children and I am keen to enjoy this time. 

During the flight I love the little snacks, and the water and the movies. I love the brief layover and following flight. It feels exciting. Obviously I don't fly a lot so that would probably change if I did, but in the meantime, oh is it exciting. I love the idea before, I love the idea during (except during crossatlantic flights - when I flew to Europe I loved it but was pretty bored and uncomfortable during a large part of it). 

Anyways, I'm a romantic about flying. I get it. But oh, fun. I'm excited. I can't wait to pack my carry on bag. I can't wait to pack my purse. I can't wait for Friday. 

**I tried to find a picture of me on a flight. I know there is one in an album somewhere, but alas I could not find it. I did find a picture of me on our honeymoon flight and it was so terrible there is no way I am including it. So yeah. I guess I know what photo I need to capture this trip.**
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PMorgan said...

I am a big fan of packing only what you need in one bag :)


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