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Menu Plan Monday, November 3rd

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie
Upcoming week: 
MondayPumpkin Soup with garlic bread
I made this pumpkin soup last night and have more than enough for dinner tonight, so with some garlic bread it will be a perfect rainy day meal (obviously no Garlic Bread for me). A nice fast dinner is in order as tonight my hairdresser is coming over at 6pm to give me a trim and style - pregnancy is making my hair grow super fast and long and I can hardly keep up with styling it at this length. With the winter weather the layers tend to act crazy when it's longer. 

Then at 7:30 we have a lifegroup leaders meeting! While we're out I'll have chicken cooking in the crockpot to shred for the following night's lifegroup dinner, rather than having to pop out and purchase a cooked chicken to shred. 

Tuesday: Chicken Bacon & Ranch Bubble Up (Crockpot Cheesy Potato Soup)

Tuesday is lifegroup. I get home by 5:30, so I'll have time to throw together a Bubble Up and get it in the oven before heading into the shower (from cycling). I'll also be leaving crockpot cheesy potato soup going all day and will blend that after work. This will either be made into lunches (since it's such a busy week) or will be left to feed students while we're away this week. And as with last time, I'll do half a head of cauliflower in place of some potato to help lighten it up.  

Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki
Wednesday is our packing and prepping night. Making grocery lists for our trip, packing our bags & prepping any food, as well as swinging by Costco to stock the house for our absence. As soon as I get home from work I'll put Rice into the microwave to cook (brown rice so I can eat it too) and throw a pot of water on to boil noodles to add to the next night's crockpot dinner when we're away.

Thursday: Crockpot Italian Chicken
Thursday we both finish work early and head to Seattle to spend the night before our Friday morning flight to Austin, Texas!! Thursday we're staying with our friends Rebekah and Tony and we can't wait to see them. I'll leave this crockpot dinner in the oven and ask one of the students to pull it out, shred the chicken & mix with noodles. They'll also need to put the meal away after the other students eat. 

Friday to Tuesday: YOYO - Tara & Paul in Austin, TX
Friday morning we leave bright and early for our flight to Austin and will return to Seattle midday on Tuesday. We will spend the weekend with Paul's Mom Nancy, and her husband Cris. We're greatly looking forward to the time! Warmer weather, great mexican and BBQ and lots of shopping. Plus great conversations. It's going to be an awesome trip! Plus, flying!

Week in Review: 
Monday: Italian Pasta Bake
I'm finished work at 2 and while I meant to get a whole bunch of craft room stuff done, instead I swung by the doctors to get some meds and then went to join my sister (starbucks in hand) for her after school kids pick up. We watched the nephews play for an hour and chatted in the crisp air. It was lovely. Then Connor asked if he could join me for dinner, and to help cook. So I decided maybe it was time to try seeing how helpful he could be at that, and if he could successfully come over on a week night and have it be not too stressful for me. And turns out, it's great! He helped me cook, then he was a great (and cute) dinner guest. And while the food baked for the final few minutes we snuggled on the couch while I read and he played a game. It was lovely. After dinner Jenna picked him up by 7 and I ended up taking the night to relax and that was so nice. I was in bed pretty early after a lovely evening. 

Tuesday: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole Taco's
Tuesday was Discipleship Group for me at 8pm, and it was so lovely. I ran out of time that morning (as it was wet and rainy and I laid huddled in my warm bed talking to Paul for way to long) to put the crockpot on so I made a new plan to pull out the ground pork I had cooked and frozen and make Tacos. Big hit. 

Wednesday: Creamy Meatball Pasta Ham, Roasted Potatoes & Carrots
Wednesday night I planned to go to bed early after making a non crockpot dinner. Ultimately this ham, potato & carrot dinner was super easy and tasty, and we only needed to cook a portion of the ham up, so the rest of the big pieces were also marinated, then frozen for a later easy dinner, and a portion was diced and set aside for two sets of crockpot soup. Then I put the bone in the crockpot with 6 cups of water and made broth for the next days soup. This all happened quickly, and I was cuddled up on the rainy night downstairs in the family room by 8 to blog and catch on my PVR'd shows. Lovely. 

Thursday: Slow Cooker Thai Curry Chicken Crockpot Cream Cheese, Potato & Ham Soup
Thursday was sister hang out night, so a slow cooker soup is in order! I ended up making a ham soup as I had ham broth handy, and used the diced Ham as well. This soup is very popular so the housemates were very happy. The surprising hint of dill is a nice switch. 

Friday, Halloween: Chinese Food
Friday I saw my friend Emily in the morning and then had lunch with my cousin LeAnna at her work. I swung Fraser street to get my eyebrows threaded and pick up chinese food, then headed home to rest. 

Halloween "costume"

For the evening I joined my sister's family and the Lim's for a wonderful halloween evening. Many of my favorite people were in attendance which is always a treat! It was a lovely, lovely night. We stayed up chatting with friends there until midnight. While we were there our Saturday plans (to be away all day with family) were cancelled and while we were sad to hear that, we were also so stoked to have a morning to sleep in, and a day to get stuff done!

The kids trick or treating

The group of kids

My nephews and I (X-ray pregnant lady, Optimus Prime & a pirate)

Leah (Flamenco Dancer) and I

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday we got to SLEEP IN. OH!! Then I made us breakfast and we hit the ground running. We completed numerous projects and cleaned out our garage again, and reorganized our shed. After last night our projects are complete and we can park in the garage again! More details to come on the projects shortly!

Our many projects drying in the open air

Then it was off to our Church's Harvest Party at my Aunt & Uncle's house. It was a blast! Paul and I were on welcoming duty and we had a great time. The dress theme was western & fall - I went with maroons, boots and a black and white plaid.

Selfie at the party

Ana and I - one of my best friends and 2 months ahead of me in baby growing!

Sunday: Zesty Burger Soup Pumpkin Soup
Sunday morning we slept in a bit, and then met up with my "little sister" Mila and her husband Benni for Dim Sum - so good!!! We had a wonderful time of laughter and conversation and left so stuffed.

We spent the afternoon working around the house (and relaxing as possible), then I headed off with Ana & Lindsay to register at TJ Kiddies! Ana is two months ahead of me and her shower is in a month, so it's a bit early for me to register but it's much more fun to do with friends. Especially since Lindsay was willing to lead us through and show us the ropes! Then it was off to church, home for dinner, then out to meet with my Aunt and Uncle. We feel so blessed to have them as our pastors - we felt loved and supported and cared for. That is a gift for sure!

Paul picked up his deer meat from the butchers, stoked! 
How hipster are we; organic and everything!

Paul teaching at kids church
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