Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Quick Takes (Volume 13)

--- 1 --- 
Nashville, Grey's Anatomy....I'm sometimes so impressed with the ability of a show to sweep me a way and keep me hooked week after week. Man. I mean I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since I was 23 - I started watching it while recovering from surgery and have been hooked every since. I love it. I didn't like it the fist couple years it was on, but once I actually gave it a chance I fell in love. It's the first show I watch when I have time to catch up. 

Nashville can come in spurts for me - but when I repicked it up and watched Season 2 on Netflix I was rehooked and am continuing to love it. I don't love all the drama, but the characters are so engaging and it's a world that so foreign to mine. 

Oh and Jeff Fordham is a despicable human being. I am amazed. He is horrible. I really really hate watching him on this show. 

--- 2 --- 
Books, Books, Books: Oh books, I love you. Books are the stability that TV can lack - there is always something to read in a book - there isn't always a new episode to watch on PVR. But books don't disappoint. 

Lately I've r-read two books that I love. Maeve Binchy's "Glass Lake" and LM Montgomery "Blue Castle." Through both re-readings I laughed, I cried....both books were like visiting with old friends.  I sometimes forget the power of a comfortable book - like a warm sweater and cup of tea, or a kind friend on a rainy day. 

--- 3 --- 
Today I got to have a lovely combination of warm sweater, cup of tea, rainy day and good friend. Emily and baby Madeline came to visit today for tea and company and it was absolutely lovely. It doesn't matter how much time is in between visits, they are always so natural and enjoyable. I'm so thankful for a friend like Ems - she's been my friend since I was 23, just like Grey's Anatomy, and I love being her friend! Plus Madeline is very sweet - she is a great little baby and wonderful to hold while chatting. 

--- 4 --- 
Lasagna: it's easy. I love to follow Kate's Lasagna recipe, though I usually add a bunch of veggies to the sauce. Today I will be making a few big batches of this Lasagna - one big one for my house, one big one for a family member and their family, one small one with Zucchini layers instead noodle (for me). I am excited to put it together - it's just as easy to make a bunch as it is to make one. So I often make up a few batches, sometimes freeze an extra. I'm very excited to try this tonight!

--- 5 --- 
iPhone 6 - shipped! Actually arrived! I'm trying to set it up now and am really enjoying how it looks! Can't wait to figure it out more!!!! 

And that's where I end! Am on to more iphone fixing! 
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