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Menu Plan Monday, October 27th 2014

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie
Upcoming week: 
Monday: Italian Pasta Bake
I'm off work at 2pm today so I'm going to head home to continue working on my craft area. After a big push on the area this weekend (and tons of help from my friend Ana) all I need to do is: paint my sewing dresser white (and add the hardware back on), organize the little items on top of my console area, curtains for window, cut a hole in my command center for a power charging station, and then get some photos of the new space!

I'm going to prep an easy pasta dinner - I have marinara sauce, tomato paste, ground pork and ricotta cheese mixed already, so I just need to cook some pasta up, toss it together and bake topped with cheese. Easy dinner!

Paul has a meeting tonight and I'll do a bit more on my craft area - oh if i could be done it tonight! And then move on to other things! My sewing area might take a bit more time since I have to wait for the paint to dry and do a couple of coats but once that is done the area will be complete!

Tuesday: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole
Tuesday is Discipleship Group for me at 8pm, and a free night for Paul. I like to have fairly easy dinners on these nights. I can cook the chicken in the crockpot all day (with the sauce even!), then when I get home cook up the wild & brown rice, then mix and bake for 20 minutes. Nice and easy! Before heading out to DG I think I will do a final coat of paint, and prep dinner for the next night so it can be ready by 6:15pm. 

Wednesday: Creamy Meatball Pasta
Wednesday night is a free night, which is nice. I think I will be able to do the finishing parts of my sewing desk - adding the brass parts back on, adding fun colored paper to the inside of the drawers and filling it all in with my sewing stuff! The sewing machine will sit on top. 

Thursday: Slow Cooker Thai Curry Chicken
Thursday is sister hang out night, so a slow cooker soup is in order! This soup is very popular so I know my housemates will be happy. 

Friday, Halloween: Chinese Food
Friday I will see my friend Emily in the morning and then have lunch with my cousin LeAnna at her work. I plan to rest a bit in the afternoon as Saturday and Sunday will be insanely busy. Then for the evening I'll join my sister's family and our friends with kids for some trick or treating - I can't wait! I love this night every year now. Having kids around has made it so much fun. 

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday is a big family day - we're heading out with a bunch of Paul's family for a surprise 90th birthday in Lake Stevens, WA. We'll be gone all day. 

Sunday: Zesty Burger Soup
Sunday we are meeting up with our lovely friends Mila & Bennie for Dim Sum, then I'll be going to TJ Kiddies with Ana & Lindsay to prep mine and Ana's registries - Lindsay is going to insert her baby mama knowledge to us. Stoked! Then it's church and a LG leaders meeting. Big day!

Week in Review: 
Monday: Lasagna
Monday's Lasagna was fabulous, I made myself some brown rice pasta and mixed it with the lasagna sauce. Tasty. Then it was time for Women at Prayer - it was a powerful night (great job leading Leah!) and had a lovely time chatting with ladies that night. 

Tuesday: Chicken Toquitoes
Tuesday night was big group Discipleship Groups - it's the night we all meet together for our small groups. We all ate together and the toquitoes were a HUGE hit. Small group times were POWERFUL. God is so good. I love the ladies of LG.

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Corn Chowder Chinese Food
Wednesday night was a busy one - we picked up chinese food on the way home (the place down the street from us can feed our whole house for $23!!) and then headed out to our friends birthday. It was a really fun night and I love celebrating Ereka. 

Thursday: Slow Cooker Pesto Spinach Lasagna Slow Cooker Corn Chowder
Thursday I made the slow cooker soup that was on the docket for the day before and it was good. Not amazing, just good. I'd probably make some of my other soup favorites in place of this one in the future. Like any of these crockpot beauties: Cheesy Potato Soup, Bacon Corn Chowder or Cream Cheese Ham & Potato Soup.

Friday: Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu, with dijon parmesan sauce Easy Garlic Chicken
Friday was a pretty steady day. I spent the morning with my lovely friend Lindsay and her baby Wyatt and then I spent the afternoon with Connor doing errands. We had a lovely time together. 

Then we had friends coming over - it's always a pleasure to hang out with Nick & Laura. We played Power Grid & Panedemic and had a really really lovely time. 

These pictures are almost identical but I LOVE Paul's gleeful look in the second shot.

Saturday: Potluck Party
Saturday morning I hung out with Austin and we helped my Dad, Colin & Paul do some moving out at my grandpa's house. Then we headed home - Austin snuggled on the couch while I made lunch and then we watched a show for a bit. 

My dear friend Ana came over to help me organize my craft area and make my family room look lovely. She is gifted and patient and her help is so appreciated. The family room looks fabulous and the craft room has come night and day! She is the bomb. 

Then most of our best friends came over for a board game night - it was pretty awesome. Two tables at all times going with games, and each table played two games throughout the night. One table had Settlers of Catan: Star Trek, then Pandemic and the other table had Power Grid, then Settlers of Catan: Star Trek. All our new games played in one night!

Sunday: Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Curry YOYO
Sunday Paul and I lounged in bed, keenly aware that when Baby Morgan comes we won't be able to do that. Then I made us breakfast and we caught up on SNL from the night before, while I did little projects for my craft room. I had a womens ministry meeting at 2pm, by 3:30 we were finished and all of the ladies hung out at the house until church while Ana and I did some final work on the craft room. It was totally lovely. Church was fabulous and then it was out for Mexican with friends. All in all, another great week!
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