Friday, August 1, 2014

Goldilocks & the search for the perfect chair

As most of you know we have students that live with us. We do this for a few reasons (finances, community, etc) and we LOVE it. It’s so fun to have people in our home and to help others experience Canada.  We offer furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished rooms. Each time we switch up our students (about once a year) we tend to need to flip rooms. We just went from having only 1 furnished room and 2 unfurnished rooms, to needing 3 furnished rooms for August! So we’ve been stockpiling furniture in the garage for the past few weeks and have everything we need.
We recently inherited a bunch of furniture from my Grandpa’s house. One of the things we got was a small gold chair – I could picture it being used at a women’s vanity, for applying makeup and brushing out hair. It had a pretty ugly green felt on it but I was pretty sure I’d be able to change that out.

2014-07-28 20.34.28
I took it home to try. Turns out it was so super easy. I just had to remove three screws and BAM, no problem. The seat came off. The green felt was merely placed on it (and sewn tight to fit) so I just needed to slide it right off. I was left with just the seat bottom and the foam. All I needed was some material to recover it with, and a staple gun to permanently add my fabric (as I have no idea how to sew something like was there).

2014-07-28 20.34.50  2014-07-28 20.41.07 2014-07-28 20.41.10

Then I took the chair itself outside for a paint job. It was already gold with a bunch of worn off spots. I wanted to keep the chair gold (of course) but shine it up again. So I sprayed the entire thing with gold and voila, it looked great.
2014-07-28 20.40.59

This chair is for our newest student, Samantha. She moves in on Friday and her room will be decorated with browns and leopard prints. So I wanted a seat covering that would match her room. I popped by Michael's which, turns out, doesn’t carry fabric (at least at the small location I was in downtown). They did however have a leopard print bandana that seemed the right size. So armed with that and my new staple gun I got to work! Turns out stapling is both faster and eaiser and harder than I expected, but with Paul’s steadying help we completed it in less than 5 minutes. Such win.

2014-07-31 07.16.02

2014-07-31 07.16.11 

We moved the furniture into Samantha’s room including the new chair – she’s bringing her own bedding so the bed is empty but the room is looking great and the chair makes me happy there.

2014-07-31 20.34.32 

2014-07-31 21.36.12 

2014-07-31 21.36.22

 And to recap, one last shot of the chair
2014-07-31 07.16.11

I’m so happy with how it turned out! When I grabbed this chair at my Grandpa’s, Paul said, “really? That chair?” But now I can finally say, “Ahhh, this chair is just right.”

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