Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Blur

This week has been HECTIC. Not only has work itself been go go go, but so has life outside of work. And on top of that Saturday morning at 6:30am I leave to volunteer at a teen camp (Anvil, woot woot) for a week. Getting prepped for that is always hectic. Costumes, clothes, extra's. Making sure I leave food and meal plans for the household while I'm gone. Plus working my regular work week plus one extra day, means it's been interesting to fit everything in. BUT I'm mostly packed - just washing some extra stuff, 90% of my costumes are finished/bought/found and I've finished all the camp related admin tasks I needed to accomplish. Which is how Wednesday night came to find me wearing a black pantsuit romper and a miss america style sash. Ahh camp. 

Last week was great but BUSY. We had dinner guests, house visits from perspective tenants (praise the lord we have a full house come the fall - deposits in, contracts signed!), dinners with friends, birthday dinners, dinners with friends, baby shower, church meetings and regular "feed 5 people every day and work 8.5 hours" every day life. Phew! But at least many of those things were fun! The baby shower I went to for my dear friend Emily and sweet Madeline was LOVELY.

Ems and I with the bear I made Madeline - Emily knew from my blog post last week that hers was the baby shower I was attempting to sew something for! I'm pleased with how it turned out!

The birthday party for our friend Stef was also great - Taco Salad, lots of laughter, an evening out by the fire complete with Smore's. Lovely. Also Stefany, as per usual, was glowing.

And of course I got to hang out with one of my favorite babies, Wyatt. That kid makes my heart smile. And my face too, I guess.

As busy as last week was, and as full as a week at camp will be, the following weeks won't be any less busy. I get back from camp on a Saturday morning and have to spend a day revamping a student room - the final one!! Woot woot. Then we'll do some painting for our big family room makeover and do a bunch of laundry from camp. Also a nap will be in order. Sunday will be more work on the new family room, then off to church and a church move! It's our last Sunday is our former space, so we'll be working as a church to move everything over together. The following week is filled with more work on the family room, lifegroup at Spanish Banks, dinner with friends, a Lego Birthday party for my nephew ( so stoked!), speaking at a conference Friday and then off to the island for a wedding and visiting for the long weekend. PHEW. Imma need a nap by the end of it. And most likely a few time in between. 

Looking at this schedule reminds me that it's ok to not do it all. There are things I have to do but there are things that I want to do. And while wanting to do them isn't bad, it's ok to put them off. Like our family room makeover. If for the next little while we only go partway and make it liveable and decent, that's ok. If the makeover itself (all the painting and project-ing) doesn't happen right away, it doesn't really matter. I want a beautiful space down there. It's one of the last two spaces that need a revamp (the laundry room is still just ok, but desperately needs some shining up). I have to give myself permission to not do stuff when I can get away with it or I lose my energy and ability to love people the way I am called to and built to and that is my real life purpose. 

So my sashes for camp are sewed but not written on - we'll do them there, with help. And I'm not leaving fully pre-made meals for my household, but as they remind me, they are adults and if I leave them groceries they are fine. And more than that I've left them menu's and recipes that they'll like and are easy. They are excited. I don't need to be super woman. People can help me. 

And I get to have a fun couple weeks ahead - a week up at camp with people I love, a weekend on the Island (Sproat Lake!!!) and my normal life. It is good!
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Lindsay McCarthy said...
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Lindsay McCarthy said...

You seriously ARE superwoman, even when you do only 70% of what you want to! :) And adorable picture of you and Wyatt, btw!!!


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