Friday, August 8, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 12)

--- 1 --- 
It's been three weeks of No Wheat, No Rice, No Alcohol and very limited (like once a week) moments of potatoes and corn. I'm feeling amazing. Less sluggish - even tiredness that remains is from doing way too much with my life. I've lost 8 pounds, which is super awesome and I know I'm making healthy eating choices.  I'm a fan of all this. And it's still not that hard!!!!! 

--- 2 --- 
Last night I headed out with Paul to Tsawwassen to visit my dear friend Rebekah and FINALLY meet her baby girl, Amariah (pronounced amar-eeah). On top of those two great things, we were also going to be having dinner with Rebekah's long time friends Naomi and Chris. I grew to love Naomi during Rebekah's wedding and was stoked to get to see them all. I got to know Naomi really well during the pre-wedding prep - as we chopped and diced and helped make a buttload of food.

There's Naomi and I in the center photo

Anyways back to the story of last night - we headed out to visit in time for dinner - it was a perfectly lovely evening.  Chris and Naomi have a great house, and are very hospitable - Paul's beer was never left empty and the dinner was amazing (and wheat and rice free!). The Ciantar's kids were great - they got to play with Paul and were generally just super adorable. We sat around and chatted until 9:30 and it was so so so lovely. Also meeting Amariah was LOVELY. What a sweet little girl - I got to hold her for much of the evening. It was sooo nice to see Reba again, I love that friend of mine. So thankful for her!

We took a quick jaunt into Point Roberts (a tiny american outpost surrounded by ocean and canada) to get cheap gas then head home. 

--- 3 --- 
I'm working today - I've got three Friday shifts scheduled in August for vacation relief. Fridays are quiet around the office - especially in August. Especially in August. So quiet. Thus far I've scrubbed and organized and looked for all types of random jobs to do. Ahh well, at least these Fridays count towards my week away at the end of the month! I'm heading up again to volunteer for Camp 8 (Sr. High Teen Camp) at Anvil Island on the program staff. I could be more excited - I am a bit too stressed about life in general to be excited yet but once I'm packed and on that boat I know the enthusiasm will return! 

--- 4 --- 
This week I booked plane tickets! I'm so stoked. The last time I booked a flight was for our Honeymoon - and even then our travel agent (and mother in law) Carol did the actual booking. We're heading to Texas to see Paul's Mom & her husband Cris. We leave Friday morning and return Tuesday evening. 3 and a half days of Austin and family! We are pumped. Last time we went we were smack dab in the middle of our cross USA trip so we're looking forward to this visit as an isolated event. It's especially exciting as Paul turns 30 a month after we go, so he's seeing this as a 30th birthday event and a chance to celebrate his birthday in the same city as his Mom. Pumped would be an understatement. 

And even better is the fact that this isn't the only time we get to see Nancy this fall! She's coming here mid September! To Vancouver while it's still gorgeous out!!! I'm so excited. Not only do we get to show off our gorgeous city but we'll get some quality time with her knowing we'll be seeing her again soon. And by then my big makeover downstairs SHOULD be done, so I can get her opinion and ideas on the room to see if there are any changes to be made, decor wise. 

--- 5 --- 
I'm attempting to sew something tonight for a friends baby shower tomorrow - she might read this so I need to be vague. But the last time I sewed this item I was 12 - so I guess we'll see if sewing things is like riding a bike. If I am successful you can be sure you'll be receiving a blog post on the topic. Keep your fingers crossed!

--- 6 --- 
This summer our church is moving locations! It's not something we would have planned but it's a necessity. We have been out growing the space, but more importantly, the church that owns the space we were renting was also growing and needs full run of the building. We've found a church building close to our current one and is still close to our house, not even a full 5 minute drive away. We've rented the space in the past and enjoyed it - it has a full parking lot (priceless in Vancouver lots of churches only have street parking) and is where our youth group already meets weekly. 

With the building change comes a time change. Our church currently meets at 3:30. It's an unusual time but I can not tell you how awesome that time has been - you get a full day before and a full evening after. Ahhhh. The switch to 5:30 might be rocky but this feels like a time for faith and a time to believe that God is bigger than a time change and that He has a plan for our church, time change and all. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out and what God has for us in our new location. 
--- 7 --- 
My nephews are adorable. They make me smile so often. Connor is turning 6 this August (I'm helping Jenna throw him a Lego Party) and Austin turns 4 in October. 

Austin: Bad news Dad
Colin: What's wrong son?
Austin: Dun, dun dun!!!!!!! [points to hand] Mosquito Bite!

The boys love to come to Costco with me to help. I tell them they can't fight or next time they won't be able to come, that it's a treat to come with me (and they actually think it is!). Usually they are really great - sometimes they start to squabble (as ALL siblings do) but as soon as I remind them that they shouldn't fight they stop every time! So I don't mind the start of the fight, as long as it ends right away. Anyways, this particular visit, every time they started to fight and I corrected them, they immediately stopped fighting. I was so proud!

Tara: You guys were so good at Costco! I'll have to tell your mom
Connor: We weren't good, we fought 4 times!

Recently Austin and I were at the lake. He came up to me urgently.
Austin: I need to tell you a secret
Tara: Ok!
Austin: [leans in real close and says] whisper whisper whisper. 
Austin: [leans out and shouts] I have to go to the bathroom!
I feel he may miss the point of whispering.

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LeAnna said...

Those boys are so sweet. David had a blast showing them how to find different types of sealife at Rathtrevor. Every time they found a large (dead) crab they'd come running to show him. It was hilarious.


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