Wednesday, July 2, 2014

House Tour

I see bloggers do these House Tours - and I love seeing how they live. When we first got this place I posted about it here, and then followed that up here and here

Then I blogged about our Entryway AwesomenessLaundry Room Makeover and later our Bedroom Makeoever.





I've shown countless snippets of my house in different posts here for showers or other things but felt it was finally time to show you the "after" for the main parts of our house. 

From the front. You can see it's just a normal older home. 

With a small yard

And a great field in the back of the house!

When you come in the front you are at our entryway.

Living Room before (apparently I printed on all the photos!)


Where Living Room and Dining Room Meet

Much better!
You can see the Secretary Desk I revamped. I've just gotten a second one for free (for an upcoming room reveal) and will be working on that this summer!


And here you can see the DIY Bar that I made - such a helpful piece of furniture!

Past the Dining Room is the kitchen:


And that is the top of our house!  We are so in love with it, and love how well it functions for parties and dinners and regular life. It is better than I dreamed of!

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Naomi Walters said...

You guys really made that home your own, with the various accents that showcase your personalities. I love the idea of how the entryway greets the visitors with snapshots of the family's most treasured memories. That's really cute and touching. Your living room transformation is just spectacular. I also love the semi-open floor plan, which is very harmonious. Thank you for sharing your house with us!

Naomi Walters @ Chicora


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