Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greenery & Glassware

Friday morning I had a big task to do around the house. In a moment I decided "nope! not doing that" and made new plans. I met up with two friends, held a baby for some time, and laid on a friends bed while she packed (heaven) then I headed off for some thrifting. I won't pretend it wasn't absolutely lovely. AND I got some great things. 

Vancouver Sun historic glasses - set of 8, $1.50 each. They must have just arrived, I scooped them up immediately. So far everyone loves them. 

It's the perfect marriage of cup for Paul and I - funky style for me and history for Paul.

I also got some other great deals, like this beautiful wooden elephant for $4

This adorable turtle for $1.50. I want to spray paint him gold. Paul wants him to stay the same. I guess only time will tell what happens to Mr. Turtle.

And lastly this amazing stack of actual Tupperware, around $4 each piece. So happy.

As my good friend Josh said when I told him about my spoils, "oh good, I was worried you didn't have enough cups or tupperware". Guilty as charged. Neither can I get enough of animal figurines and succulents. It's a problem. 

See? Succelents and a metallic figurine!

Here's my another - it reminds me of buddha.

I love this little guy - all arms and legs.

I love my off centered succulent - chilling real cool like in the bookshelf.

This little airplant makes me smile and reminds me to walk away from the candy!

And these two greens make me smile each time I walk past my bar.
Plus they're with a metallic antler - almost a figurine!

And my two hanging airplants - Oh the joy you bring me. 

And lastly this beaut I got from home Depot. A succulent assortment.

And speaking of things I can't quite quit - Bubble Ups. Genius. So tasty. Here is the Chicken Cordon Bleu Bubble Up I made for our house and the Roos'.

And speaking of the Roos' Hanne made her Melktert as per Paul's request and we played Settlers with the Roos' and Duncan - I won! 
So to recap, Melktert, Catan, Roos, Duncan & a T victory - winning indeed!

And those are the things on my mind this lovely Wednesday afternoon.
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LeAnna said...

I too love succulents. And I'm with Paul on the turtle debate. And, those glasses are awesome!


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