Monday, July 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, July 21st

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Mexican Pie
Tonight is Mexican Pie - we have to pick up some furniture in Vancouver and Point Roberts, so an easy quick dinner is important. I put this together last night in preparation for tomorrow.

Tuesday: Sausages & roasted veggies with rice
Tuesday night is BOTTLING night. We have ordered wine from West Coast U Brew - recently we did a batch of cider and beer and this is our batch of wine! Chilean Malbec and German Gewürztraminer; tomorrow we bottle these bad boys up! Woot woot! 

Wednesday: Pizza Night (Cauliflower Crust for me!)
Wednesday is house prep. So much to do:
-> Command Center: tidy and reorganize
-> Bedroom: Tidy remaining drawers and closet sections.
-> Sew pillows for bedroom.

Thursday: Crockpot Italian Chicken
Thursday I have a dinner out with a good friend at Tap & Barrel - it will be lovely there, a nice cycle to the restaurant and a great time with a friend. I'm leaving something in the crockpot for the household. Then it's more chores! Starting painting and priming I think for my furniture dreams

Friday: Easy Roast Chicken with roasted veggies
Friday night we don't have plans! What! I'll probably make some, knowing me. 

Saturday: Mediterranean Boneless Pork
Saturday night we don't have plans! What! I'll probably make some, knowing me. Crazy.

Sunday: Spaghetti (over spaghetti squash for me!)
Sunday night we don't have plans! What a weekend!

In Review:
Monday: Chicks-on-a-stick, Mushrooms & Zucchini stuffed with quinoa and vegetables, served with Rice.
Dinner with guests was awesome! And I learned how to sew!! Woot.

Tuesday: Carbonara Bubble Up
Carbonara Bubble Up was excellent....and so was lifegroup!

Wednesday: Mexican Pie Carbonara Bubble Up leftovers 
Wednesday night I ended up having enough leftovers for dinner - so I headed out for dinner with my Auntie Sandy and her entire family (woot woot Porters!). Great night. 

Thursday: Pizza by Paul
Thursday I joined Arlene and Ereka for Arlene's birthday. It was a lovely night. We swam and floated and ate and walked and it was lovely. 

Friday: YOYO
Friday we were joined by my nephews, sister, and friend, Margot. Oh! What a lovely day. More floating, more fun. Lastly we headed back for an amazing South African feast by the Roos'. 

Saturday: Girls BBQ / YOYO / Rootbeer grilled chicken & veggie grill with baked rice.
Saturday I slept in. I wasn't feeling great and cancelled the morning and when I woke up at noon I was finally starting to feel better. Then it was time to start cleaning and prep, and eventually a cycle to the grocery store. At 6 my friends came over and at 7 our students came over for a dinner and it was lovely. 

Sunday: Family Dinner - grilled chicken, veggies and potatoes with family.
I cleaned and tidied and worked all day - but it was a great day. Then it was church, then it was a family dinner. Lovely. 
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