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2014: The year of the baby

If 2013 was the year of weddings (and it was, 13 weddings in one year) then 2014 is the year of the baby or the year of the pregnant women. I mean, it’s impressive how many pregnant ladies and subsequent babies are around this year. Shocking even. It’s all baby bump, baby bump, actual baby! At one point I started an excel spreadsheet list of friends who were pregnant, when they were due and if it was public knowledge yet. It was all too much to hold in my mind. That’s a ridiculous truth.
For us it’s been a joyful year – as well as one full of growing. Most people that know us know that we have been trying to get pregnant without success. Lining that up with a year of abundant pregnancies could make for an interesting year. But I will say that we are so happy for our friends, and we trust God for His timing in our lives. And so the year of baby continues – and I just found a whole bunch of photos of me and some of those babies! So, here are a few shots of adorable, sweet, babies. Oh, the babies.

Baby of the year #1: Coming in at 7lbs 7 ounces, Wyatt McCarthy was the first of the 2014 babies. Wyatt has slept peacefully through many lifegroups, engaged entire audiences using nothing but his ability to look adorable and won over all of the McCarthy’s friends. Wyatt has stepped up to the plate during long evenings of party prep by letting tired ladies hold him for some baby therapy – your service has not gone unnoticed, my friend!

2014-04-18 15.03.24

 2014-04-18 15.14.42

Irene getting some time with Wyatt – especially as she prepared to have one of her own!
 2014-05-09 18.43.48

2014-05-09 18.44.29

Wyatt in stripes – we match – he knows what’s up.
 2014-05-16 11.00.50

Wyatt’s beautiful mama and one heck of a friend. 
She rocks the motherhood thing and makes others feel good while she does it!
 2014-05-16 11.31.58
Wyatt is also the baby we see the most of! Thanks to church, lifegroup and friendship. 

Baby of the year #2: Charlie Raphael was born in late May to Paul’s step-brother and his wife, Tyler and Sara. Watching Sara bloom over the course of her pregnancy was lovely (we worked across the street from each other during this time). She handled everything that came with pregnancy so well and took naturally to being a mom. Charlie is adorable! Holding my newest nephew was a treat and I can’t wait for more cuddles at Christmas!

2014-06-22 13.26.57

Getting to be Auntie Tara to sweet Charlie – awesome!
2014-06-22 13.27.02

Uncle Paul & Charlie
2014-06-22 13.30.09

Baby of the Year #3: Livia Brown came the same weekend as Charlie to my dear friend Tami. Sadly there is a ferry in between us but I am so excited to meet Livia - and see what great parents Tami and Eric make! I've talked about how awesome Tami is before, and I am so so so happy for the three of them as they get to enjoy being a family! Also look at that personality in Livia already!

There was a bit of a pause as we waited for the next batch of babies – and as of July they started to come in waves!

Baby of the Year #4: Amariah Rivisto was born to Rebekah and Tony Rivisto on July 3rd, fitting as an American Canadian combo their baby’s birthday fits in the middle of the two. Amariah was born one year and 2 days after their wedding – what a fun way to celebrate. As the Rivistos live in Washington and I’m up in Canada I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her but I’m so thankful to facebook for keeping the channels open. She’s a doll!

Baby of the Year #5: Donovan Jenkinson was a surprise leading baby, coming a few weeks earlier just in time to make Baby #5. Dylan and Deve planned their baby prep in good time - their shower and maternity shots ended up happening exactly one week before his early arrival. Good thing they planned early! Donovan and Deve have been at home still but I can't wait to meet this little one. Dylan seems healthy and happy when I see him, so that bodes well for how they are all holding up! Plus his facebook personality is already amusing. 

Baby of the Year #6: Immanuel Chibota (Farai) was long awaited and much over due, but in perfect condition. Irene and TC have been constantly in my newsfeed as person after person visits them and their sweet new son. Farai is a very popular young man! Also so are his parents. Visiting at the hospital was lovely and I can't wait to see them again and have some more sweet snuggles with Farai. 

Baby of the Year #7: Another surprisingly early baby, Madeline Janz was 6 weeks early weighing just  4lbs 4oz, but wide eyed and crying (as one wants a baby to be when they are born!). Rob and Emily are amazing parents - Madeline is still at the hospital learning to be a healthy baby and they are superstars. I watched Emily with Madeline and saw a mother - she was competent and kind and patient and at peace. Rob loves Emily and Madeline so practically and kindly - it's a joy to watch them all thrive in this relationship. I can't wait to Madeline can go home and experience 24/7 time with her amazing parents. 

I'm not in this photo but I did take it!

Phew - and those are just the babies born between April and July to people I'm close with! My newsfeed continues to be alive with pregnancies and births and cuteness overload. Paul always says that facebook is overrun with moms and I don't mind a bit! I'm so proud of my many friends who have had their babies already and those that haven't yet! I can't wait to meet and hold your babies, and make you dinner when you're home from the hospital. It's such a joy to watch my friends enter this next stage of life! So proud of all of you and how awesomely you are rocking at life! 

And dear Lord, may I not have a missed a baby in this post!

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Lindsay McCarthy said...

Love you, Tara!!! Thanks for loving me and our little family so well. Wyatt won't know a life without the Morgans, and that makes me very happy!


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