Monday, July 14, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: July 14th (Heat Wave)

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Chicks-on-a-stick, Mushrooms & Zucchini stuffed with quinoa and vegetables, served with Rice.

Tonight we are having guests over - not only are these guests people we LOVE to talk to (and who are so affirming of us it's ridiculous) but also they are people that are good at life. Paul and Keith will spend the after dinner time chatting and Judy will be giving me a sewing lesson. Seriously. These guys rock. 

Tuesday: Carbonara Bubble Up
Tuesday we have lifegroup - and while I'm not a big fan of cooking hot things in this heat - I am a fan of tasty easy meals that everyone loves. So Carbonara Bubble Up it is!

Wednesday: Mexican Pie
Wednesday night Paul is out for wings & beer with old friends, and I'll be whipping up this tasty meal as I'm home for the night - Layered Tortilla Pie - but rather than use tortilla's to separate the layers I'm going to use baked Zucchini slices, ala Zucchini Lasagna. We'll see how this turns out!

Thursday: Curry by Paul
Thursday I'm away overnight for a dear friend's birthday. I'll be joining her at Cultus Lake for an evening and day of floating and talking.  I can not wait. Arlene is one of those friends that is unendingly supportive - she has faith for huge things for those she loves. She serves other constantly, sacrificially. She is hilarious, and super fun. She also loves floating on lakes - so our big love for that goes well together. In fact she's so known for loving floating that two of us ended up getting her the same birthday gift!

While I'm out Paul will be cooking and he's been craving curry something fierce and has sworn that the next time he cooks it will be curry - so babe, here you go! 

Friday: YOYO
Friday I will float all day then come home in time for a dinner party that some friends are throwing at our house. They wanted a bigger space to do it in (hence our house) but wanted to make sure it wasn't extra work for us. They are lovely. 

Saturday: Girls BBQ / YOYO
Saturday is a busy day (shocking, haha). I'll be hitting up the USA in the morning for groceries, then a noon Potluck BBQ in Chilliwack to see my cousin's family and some old friends, and then back to my house by 6pm for a girls BBQ. We'll be eating great food on my patio and I'm excited! 

Sunday: Rootbeer grilled chicken & veggie grill with roasted potatoes
I'm hoping to make it to the lake Sunday - Paul is away hiking with our car but I'm hoping to find a car to use. On these hot days I need the water! If not, I'll be working on my most recent paint project and then most likely sitting in the cold tub for a while. Then it's church and dinner at home. 

In Review:
With the recent holidays (Canada Day and July 4th) I've been away, and when here I've been super busy. I'm sure no one wants to read 2 weeks of catch up but I will say it's been a great couple weeks. In summation: I've been outside and it's been awesome. 

We went on a family trip to Port Alberni - we got to visit family friends and celebrate with them, and we got to rest and eat and laugh and float.

Lake house visiting at sunset

A Sunday at the beach with the Maxwells - Paul fishing with Connor

A second best to floating

Driving Colin and Paul back to the ferry - a beauty of a drive topped off with dinner at Gina's.

Coffee with Gwyn & Lisa in Nanaimo

A Monday spent floating with my nephews. It doesn't get better than that.

Dinner at my Auntie Sandys - happy happy

A cathedral grove & little Qualicum falls adventure with my  favorite boys.

A ferry ride with my family

A summer evening walk with my mom and sister - false creek seawall of beauty!

A sunny evening dinner with Mrs Janz - great talks, good food and wonderful views.

 Classic Vancouver

A Stanley Park BBQ with work

Followed by a bike ride around the park with Paul for sunset

A Friday spent at Sasamat Lake with Lindsay and Jenna - floating!

Followed by a well deserved meal at my place and an evening playing settlers by lantern

An entire Saturday at Sasamat with ENV - phillipino cooking, great friends, floating and more. Heaven on earth. Actually. 

And there you have it, my photo essay on why I'm not blogging regularly - life is just too dang good!
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