Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Menu Plan Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Bear Pizza
Last night's dinner was an easy one - we cut up some bear sausage and sauteed it until crispy then topped a Palermo Margarita Pizza with the sausage and some mozza and bam! Pizza for dinner. 

Tuesday: Roasted Pepper Penne
Tuesday night is lifegroup - we have a bunch of diced peppers left over from camping so this calls for a recipe my mom used to make. I can't recall exactly how it works, but I know I roast peppers and add them to pasta - I have the recipe tucked away in a keepsake box at home - it's the last thing my mom wrote to me. 

Wednesday: Green Beans, Chicken & Potatoes
Wednesday we are seeing my mom, so I wanted an easy dinner I could prep the night before and have Paul put in the oven for me. Voila!

Thursday: Slow Cooker Chicken & Rice with broccoli
Thursday is a night I'm out for dinner but Paul and our house needs to eat so crockpot makes that doable!

Friday: Crockpot Cordon Blue with Asparagus
I'll be in the USA shopping with Ana all day, so I needed something I could throw in the crockpot and serve up after putting groceries away. Easy and tasty

Saturday: Leftovers / Duncan Dinner
We're throwing a baby shower for Irene - so between the leftovers and something Duncan is whipping up, we will be sorted.

Sunday: Garlic Shrimp Tortellini Toss
Sunday we have an hour to eat dinner between meetings, so I'll prep this in advance serve after church! 

In Review:
Monday: Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken was delicious! I bought a roasted chicken from costco to use as the meat and then let it simmer away while I chatted with Arlene about the weekend. I need to remember how great Butter Chicken is and that everyone loves it. Then it was women at prayer - the ladies of our church gathered to worship and pray and I got to hold sweet baby Wyatt the whole time - heaven on earth. 

Tuesday: Creamy Vodka Meatball Pasta
Tuesday was a wonderful evening - on our bike ride home we met up at the Olympic Village to go to Tap & Barrel spontaneously for appies and beer. It was lovely. 

Then we headed home and I made dinner - I don't recall what I cooked but I know I didn't follow the meal plan. If only I could remember. But then I went to bed. And it was good.

Wednesday: ?
Wednesday's dinner was dependent on what was in the fridge - I was making a few big vats of soup that night to send away so I wanted to make something simple. And again I forget what that was. Honestly, my brain seems to be missing!

Thursday: Crockpot Creamy Chicken and Broccoli over Rice YOYO
Thursday we were going to be eating with our house but most people weren't home - so instead we had dinner with Paul's parents at their house in Surrey before borrowing their van for the weekend. Then I headed off to Arlene's to prep camping food for the weekend - $150 of chicken thighs cubed and marinating!

Friday, Saturday: YOYO
Camping at Alouette Lake! More to come on this tomorrow, including some menus. Great weekend. Also, sunburn.

Sunday: Carbonara Bubble Up Chicken Cordon Blue Bubble Up
We were back around noon (yay). We cleaned up from camping and I prepped dinner - I switched to the Cordon Blue Bubble Up since we had lots of deli meat and swiss cheese around. It was super tasty.  

Church was great - Paul was preaching and he was awesome. I listened to his sermon again this morning. During worship my nephew Connor asked if he could come over for dinner (so sweet) so I invited his whole family over, plus my mom who I was already looking after. The group of us headed to my house, put the prepped meal in the oven and had cool drinks on the back patio and chatted. It was so lovely and Connor was super helpful. Austin was adorable, though less helpful. All in all, it was a perfect end to the weekend. 

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