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Menu Plan Monday, June 23rd

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: ?
Tonight is a night where I will cook. The problem is that the weekend was super busy and I didn't get to the grocery store....and I didn't put any meat in the when I get home I"ll be ransacking the freezer for ready cooked meats and will make up some sort of dinner. We only have mushrooms, broccoli & asparagus, all sorts of starches (rice, pasta, potatoes), one onion, and all sorts of canned foods. I do have some cooked Turkey in the fridge but I normally try to leave that for lunches. I wonder what I'll make?

After dinner and making lunches I'll head out to Costco for my weekly grocery shop, then home to do laundry and clean my bedroom.

Tuesday: Cordon Bleu Bubble Up
Tuesday we are having our awesome friends the Roos' over for dinner - I'll be making a fabulous bubble up with a side salad and we'll hang out and talk and laugh and it will be lovely. 

Wednesday: Chicken Ceasar Sliders with side salad
Wednesday night is Chapel - the end of the year chapel to be exactly. So dinner needs to be easy and fast. A crockpot meal is the way to go, so we can be out of the house an hour after arriving home. We'll be downtown at the Center for the Performing arts with 1000 plus teens worshiping. It should be amazing. The Chapel team just put on a Schools Out Party at the PNE where over 2000 kids came out for a night of fun. They are doing amazing things with the youth of this city.

Thursday: Creamy Italian Chicken with roasted veg
Thursday night  is a wedding rehearsal for the wedding I'm attending/helping with Saturday - so I'll be out all evening, but I can leave this meal in the crockpot. Tuesday night I'll cook up some egg noodles and roast some vegetables so that I can put those out for Thursdays dinner. 

Friday: Chicks on a Stick, baked Rice & roasted vegetables
Friday we have the Froese's over for dinner and games - we'll grill outside and then eat on the deck. So lovely. In the day I'll be making centerpieces and bouquets for the wedding Saturday.

Also during the day I'll be making Chicken Taco Soup and Butter Chicken to leave around the house for the students - Jessie heads home on Monday so I wanted to make her favorite soup!

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday is the big day! Mila and Benni are getting married! We'll be busy from 7am onward with Wedding tasks. The wedding will be over at 3 so we'll be racing to the ferries to catch the 5:20 and head to Port Alberni for a family friends retirement party and I can't wait! 

Sunday: YOYO
Sunday we'll spend in Port Alberni with my family at the Lake - after, of course, visiting church. It should be awesome. Sunday Paul will head home, but I'll stay over

Monday: YOYO or Paul meal
Monday I've got the day off, so I'll be enjoying all that Sproat Lake has to offer with my sister and her kids. So awesome. 

Tuesday: YOYO
Tuesday is Canada Day, so I'll head home just in time for the 4:30 Canada Day Celebration our church has - should be a great time away and a great time back home!

In Review:
Monday: Savory Alfredo Bacon Casserole
Tuesday we had a spin-off of the proposed Pasta, then sat around and chatted all evening. Lovely. 

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tacos
Tuesday was lifegroup with our guests - the creamy chicken tacos were a huge hit! We had a wonderful evening, then all headed off to Bubble Tea. Lovely.
Wednesday: Chicken Ceasar Sliders with Corn on the Cob Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Taco Salad
Wednesday was an at home night -there were so many leftovers from the night before that I cut up more veg and served the same meal but this time as Taco Salad. Then I went to 7:30pm. Oh it was needed.

Thursday: Crockpot Cordon Bleu Taco Salad, type 2
We still had leftovers! But Katie was coming over and can't eat dairy. So I made a new type of Taco Salad - I sauteed up vegetables and added cooked rice - that was the heartyness. I heated up the last of the creamy chicken tacos to be served for those that could eat dairy. Then I chopped up tomatoes and lettuce and served it with chips - BAM more Taco Salad. 

I then spent the evening with my Auntie Lesley, my parents and my sister. It was a lovely night. 

Friday: YOYO
Friday I got my thrift on - I will show you tomorrow all my spoils! I had breakfast with my friend Kayla, then visited my friend Lindsay while she packed - I got to snuggle Wyatt. So lovely. Then after cleaning up at home it was on to a night of party's - a dinner party then a stagette! The stagette was lovely, Chloe put together a lovely party with her helpers and it was so great to celebrate Mila!

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday morning we got our final student room ready for our newest student - Linda is from Quebec and we are excited to have her! Then there was a baby shower at our place for the lovely Morgan and then a night out at the Whittons.

Morgan was expressing herself - I kept forgetting to get a shot of her when she wasn't in action. Jenna did a great job decorating and planning for the party!

Sunday: YOYO
Sunday morning was a Paul and Tara resting date - sleeping in, being happy, etc. We headed out to Surrey to meet our new nephew Charlie - he is so flipping adorable. We were in love immediately. 

Then we headed home - I was off to church (amazing service, great sermon by the EN Seattle's pastor, Perry) and Paul was off to get our new French student. We all ate dinner together and then there was a wedding planning party at our house for next week's wedding. All in a all an enjoyable week with great moments of rest.
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