Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 11)

--- 1 --- 
Ahh, Thursday. Or as it's better known in my head - My Friday. Love it. Lately there has been house decorating, a love affair with fresh cut flowers and a sporadic burst of baking in our home. 

--- 2 --- 
This past while has felt busy but enjoyable - lots of things going on and lots of fun to be had.
Transformations Celebration at our house

Night out at the Pan Pacific with Paul

Maan's Birthday (she's the lovely one in the middle in teal)

Lifegroup and time with Wyatt

Church Family at it's finest

A birthday celebration for this gem - love her to pieces

--- 3 --- 
Currently I'm training a new girl to take over for Irene as she's headed off on Mat leave. We ended up hiring a friend of friends of mine (who has become a friend of mine also) and I am so excited to work with her! Whitney is great to spend time with and is a fast learner. Day one together has already been a success!

But that brings me to the ultimate sadness of having Irene no longer at work - though we do get her for one more week. Irene came to work here for 3 months while I was away Summer 2012 and has been rehired numerous times. Any time we need more hands on deck she's always up for the challenge. I've loved working with her at work, in ministry and to bless our friends. She's been a friend, a support and an amazing partner. I'm so thankful to have had her by my side in so many arenas and am so thankful that this mat leave in no way means an ending to our friendship, just a change in what it looks like as she discovers the joys of motherhood. She's going to do so well. 

Irene and I summer 2013 - the wedding summer

--- 4 --- 
My friend Sherwine is coming to visit and I'm so excited! I haven't seen Sherwine since summer 2012 when we were classmates in the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. She arrives tonight for a week!

Sherwine is inquisitive and fun. Thoughtful and engaging. She's a hoot to be around, but also lovely to have deeper talks with. She asks wonderful questions and never takes anything at face value. We can't wait to have her and her friend Sarah to visit for the week - and show them all things Canadian and Vancouver-ish. It's gonna be a culture shock in many ways and I can't wait!
Sherwine, me and Paul - as usual I'm loving this drastic height difference

--- 5 --- 
Our journey to start a family continues - we had a wonderful doctors visit recently. Just to keep you in the loop: we've been trying since March 2013 to get pregnant, that's a few months over a year now. Since I'm over 30 the doctors will see you after you try for a year, so we met up with my doctor last week. Turns out I have a short cycle - 23 days. It seems that might be part of why we haven't gotten pregnant yet. So we're doing a series of tests and seeing her again in a month. I'll let you know how that all goes! I'm excited to have a family with Paul and can't wait to get started on that!
--- 6 --- 
While I'm not yet pregnant, I am expecting a delivery that will take some work to complete - we've ordered our first batches from the U Brew! We ordered a batch of Peach Cider, Lowenbrau Beer, German Gewürztraminer and Chilean Malbec. The beer and cider will be ready just in time for the Fourth of July (and the party we have each year) and the wines will be ready a couple weeks after that. I can not wait to try! The cost comes out to roughly $1.50 cents per beer/cider (which is $1 at least less than at the liquor store) and the wine comes out to about $5 a bottle which is about $4 less per bottle! We couldn't be more expected about our soon to come delivery! We're growing our family in one way at least!

 --- 7 --- 
This weekend I get to see my Nana. My Nana is my mom's 1st step-mom. While that sounds distant she's a super close family member. Nana is the best. She's been a surrogate mother and wonderful friend and support for as long as I've been alive (despite giving me chicken pox at 6 months - which she feels terrible about). As long as I can remember she's been talking about her brother Ron and his wife Pam in Ontario and I've never met them - I'd almost think they were fictional but Nana wouldn't lie. 

Ron and Pam are coming to BC! So Nana has arranged for us to meet them, finally! They're coming over to Vancouver this week so we'll be having them over for tea this coming Saturday. I can't wait to meet them and spend time with my whole family and my Nana and her family! This will be a treat. 
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