Monday, March 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, March 3rd

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Leftover Chicken Pot Pie and salad
I'm thankful for leftovers tonight. Tonight I need to get through a stack of laundry to fold and put away, make Queso Lasagne for lifegroup, go grocery shopping, write the weekly schedule up on our calendar and tidy up the downstairs. Phew. 

Tuesday: Queso Lasagna
It's lifegroup and this was a big hit last time I made it, plus since I'm making it the day before I know that this is a meal that holds well overnight.  

Wednesday: Crack Pasta
I haven't tried this recipe yet and I've been meaning to for months - there aren't any plans Wednesday but I know I'll be spending a portion of the night cleaning out my command center and getting it back under control. Same with my linen closet. 

Thursday night is sister night....or not - but either way a crock pot meal after a work day is nice to come home to. 

I'll be working around the house all day, possibly having lunch with a friend and will look forward to a warm creamy casserole for dinner. 

Saturday: Melt in your mouth Chicken with vegetables
Saturday is a pretty slow day, which is perfect for this chicken as it needs longer to cook. . 

Sunday is an easy morning but a busy afternoon/evening so I'll be glad to put the food in the crockpot and come back to eat it after church and transformations and before our Deacons Meeting.   

In Review:
This was an awesome meal! We waited for our student Jessie to get home to eat and while we waited we cleaned and tidied and organized. Then we ate, and then Jessie and I did food prep for the following night. 

We had the Mallari's, Anacat and Maxwell's over for dinner - the meal was a huge success - I served it with roasted vegetables, and slow cooker scalloped potatoes, so tasty. The evening was very fun and the food went over well. 

Wednesday: Crockpot Balsamic Roast served with potatoes and vegetables.
We had four friends over for dinner, it was a lovely time. We chatted and laughed and stayed up talking for a really long time. That night a girl named Kate arrived at our place - she's from our Every Nation Church in  Seattle and has been staying with us all week - she joined us for a while, as did our roomie Lyndsay and it was a nice treat. 

Thursday: Crockpot Butter Chicken Pizza Minis & Shrimp Nests
Thursday was a really long day and I needed to be at Jenna's for sister night, AND it was only Paul and I home for dinner, so I pulled some Pizza Minis and shrimp nests from the freezer and threw them in the oven - so easy. I had a great night with my sister and was home by 9, and got to have a lovely conversation with Kate. While chatting with Kate and Paul I made a bunch of batches of Beer Bread for Paul to take to school the next day. 

Friday morning I was up at 9am to start to tackle a bunch of jobs. The kitchen was a mess from my beer bread and the moose stew that Paul tackled. There was a list 8 items long that needed doing around the house and by 12:10 I had to be ready to go with my mom, her caregiver and my sister to get our nails done for some quality mom-daughter time. Phew! I also knew some time in prayer would be helpful too. It was definitely a full morning!

Then I headed to pick up Connor from school with Austin. We went back to the house to play and wrestle and giggle for a while. It was pretty fun. After Jenna came home I headed home to serve dinner for Paul and our housemates....I also snuck a nap in and at 7:30 we headed to Chapel and it was awesome night. I have a blog post coming about it. 

OH also Paul fell asleep by 10, and I wasn't tired so I stayed up to read until 11. Just when I was about to come home Lyndsay came home....and we ended up staying up until 1:30am chatting. So tired the next day, but oh so very worth it. I love that girl. 

Saturday: Cheeseburger Wraps YOYO
Saturday was busy! We were up at 9 to head to Paul's grandparents house for a garage sale - we left with some treasures and got to enjoy a few hours with them. I left Paul there to help and headed off to run some errands: I dropped my sewing machine off to be fixed ($90 gross), swing by the MCC to peruse the thrifting selections (and ended up with a steamer trunk, a rad piece of furniture that will be shown shortly on the blog, and a tray for Paul's rocks), and Marshalls (grabbing an adorable apron for a friends party that day). Then it was home to get dressed and ready for our friends Anne and Dustin's engagement party. Our house had been out of hot water (dang hot water tank) since Thursday so that was a tricky prospect. 

The party for Anne and Dustin was great. Anne is a newer friend but I grew up with Dustin so it was fun to see his family again. The party was great and lots of our joint friends were there - it was a great, great party.

After that we headed off to Home Depot to buy paint and such for our project (that the new furniture from MCC now created) and headed home to create! We sanded, primed and painted our piece, watched D2 and grabbed a game of Agricola. Perfect night for Paul and Tara.

Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie
Sunday morning I was up pretty early to do house stuff - I prepped food for dinner and cleaned the kitchen. We had womens ministry meeting in the house at noon, which was AWESOME. Not only did we make some major inroads into our planning but then the girls helped me pull the rest of my dinner together for family dinner that night - thanks ladies!

Then it was off to church, a meeting afterwards then family dinner at home. Chicken Pot Pie is always a hit and even little boys like it, so I knew it would be safe and tasty. We had a great meal, lots of laughter and fun. My sisters family stayed until well after 8, and then my parents stayed until almost 10. Finally I had to kick them out, haha....morning comes early especially when I'm working!

All in all it was a pretty great week.   

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