Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An ode to Sammy G and the LG ladies

True Story: I've never been wrong a day in my life. Always right. 
It's a hard life but someone has to live it. 

Until Tuesday. 
Would you believe, in a moment, I found out I was wrong!!!!? 
Shocking, right?

See, I have this friend. Her name is Sam. Though she introduced herself to me initially as Sammy there's that. Sam is like super cool. She is one of those people that naturally "has it"...whatever it is. Sam is not only funny but when you talk to her, you feel hilarious. When we text I'm sure I'm the funniest person ever. Sam has the gift of funny, and sharing the funny. Some people hold their funny-ness up on a pedestal...not Sam, she includes you. 

I first met Sam summer 2006 up at Anvil Island for Camp 8 - she was there as a workers kid - she was like 12 or 13 or something and dressed like a pirate, naturally. Mostly I just remembered her running around a lot. Years later she went to Camp 8 as a camper and was in my good friend LyndsK's cabin with a group of girls they call the Dream Team. I met her briefly when Lynds and I lived next door to each other, and would run into her at youth events. She would come to our retreats with Anne to help - I definitely remember her as a fixture in Lyndsays life more than anything else. 

Later we tried to start up a lifegroup out at UBC and Sam was just starting to go there, so we had her join our group. The group didn't last and we ended up regrouping with our original lifegroup, and Sam joined us during that time. I'm so glad she did! 

Gradually Sam went from being Lyndsay's camper, to a member of our lifegroup, to a friend. Sam is passionate and hilarious. She's kooky and dedicated. She also vlogs. She makes hilarious and awesome videos for church and Chapel and she does it so well. Basically she's rad. 

Anyways last night at lifegroup I was giving Sam a hard time and also giving a very real suggestion that in her next rad YouTube video she should make sure I am referenced. She said she could definitely do that but pointed out that I had never mentioned her in my blog, or even randomly referenced her. I knew she was wrong - Sam eats at my house EVERY SINGLE WEEK....and sometimes more. She was here this past Thursday, and last night and it's a thing ok? There's no way that she could be someone I have prayed with and hung out with and gone on trips with and never have been mentioned on my blog. There's no way!

I did some sleuthing. 

Hmm, trusty google came up with nothing. I did blogger searches, still nothing. The whole group of girls got in on the discussion...Hanne pointed out that Sam had gone with us to Pemberton and Hanne and I were sure I'd blogged about the trip, therefore Sam must have been mentioned. NOPE. Turns out I have the photos in a folder waiting to be blogged are two photos that Sam is in. 

I tried googling "Mitchell to Morgan" and "lifegroup" in the hopes I'd find a picture we were both in - I know one is in existence....nope! But I did find this picture on facebook. Where Sam is right behind me. 

Alas, after scrolling through so many blog posts it's true - I have never talked about her. Luda. I mean there are pictures of events she was at, and you can see all her friends but not her. There are pictures of desserts she's made and not her. I talk about groups she's at but have never referenced her. This is all very off putting

You can see Sam is delusional, I am not elite at all :) 

So we all laugh and talk about this for a while - clearly it was a very deep and insightful discipleship group we were having. And while we chatted about it I start snapping pictures....

"Wait, are you taking pictures so you can blog about this?"
"I'm not going to look at the camera - we all know you're doing this just for your blog"

Guilty as charged. Here are the LG girls. 
Photo 1: Christina, Stefany, Sunshine and SAM G.
Photo 2: Ana, Hanne & Lindsay.

Oh and here's Hanne and I the night before LG making Perogie Lasagne and Chocolate Chip Mint Cookie Dough Bars. This girl is a lifesaver.

Quick Sam Story: This past month we threw a Baby Shower here for our good friend Lindsay. Sadly Sam was going to be out of town but she promised she would make cookies for the party - because she's a baker and she's rad like that. Fast forward to the day of the shower....Sam is out of town and it seemed she'd forgotten to bake and send cookies. Oh well....such is life. Sam is busy and we had enough dessert and I didn't want her to feel bad that she had forgotten. I would have appreciated a text saying she was backing out, but I thought, hey Sam's human. I don't want her to feel bad. So I didn't say anything. 

Fast forward to last Thursday. Sam is over for dinner - we're talking and she casually says, "So do you have my tupperware?". What Tupperware? "The Tupperware I sent the cookies in for the shower." But you didn't send cookies. "Um yeah, I did." Well I never got cookies. "Lyndsay put them on your kitchen counter Friday, the day before the shower."

So mystery - Friday, February 21st I left my house at 6:30am. Lyndsay put Sammy G's Choconut Oatmeal Cookies on the counter on my kitchen around 9am. I returned home at 5:30pm and there were no cookies AND no Tupperware. Duh duh dunh! 

Seriously...where are the cookies? And where is Sam's favorite Tupperware? For the love all things holy. We have a thief. But seriously, if you have any information about the missing cookies OR Tupperware please spill the beans!

Pictures, mystery and joking aside - I am blessed to have the raddest group of girls in our lifegroup. When we get together it is a time of friendship, encouragement and faith. There is real care. They pray for each other, they ask questions, they pursue relationship. They offer real friendship and support. I can ask them for help and they help! I don't love baking so they bring dessert. I need more hands to help and all the girls help. These girls step in and bless me and others always. They are a treat to lead and I couldn't be more pleased that they are in my life. LGladies....I love you!

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