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Menu Plan Monday: March 10th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Bubble Up with steamed broccoli
We have plans with friends to hang out and make soup for a charity so I prepped this dish in advance last night. Our housemate Duncan will put it in the oven for me and it will be ready right when we get home so we can eat before heading out. Win!

Tuesday: Melt in your mouth Chicken with vegetables
I've been wanting to make this dish all week but keep running out of time since it takes an hour and a half to cook. I'll prep this also the night before and have Paul put it in the oven for me.   

Wednesday night is going to be an at home relaxing (and laundry) night. I wanted a comfort food type dinner. 

Thursday: Homemade Chicken Wings & Fries
Thursday I am having some girlfriends over to watch survivor - we'll be voting on favorites and generally having a party. I'm making homemade chicken wings and fries, and others are bringing the rest of the meal. 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: ?
I don't particularly like to talk about this weekend right now. We were supposed to be driving to Edmonton to see our dear friends the Siewerts and spend the weekend with them for Spring Break - I'd even gotten some time off to extend our trip with them and we were so excited. However we had some financial set backs that made the trip impossible and this morning I had to make the call to pull the plug on it. While I'm glad to not have to drive 26 hours between Friday and Monday, I'm very sad not to see them. They did our pre-marital counselling, and were great friends to us. The 13 hours between us means we don't get to see them that often and that is a big loss!

That being said today I am mourning my weekend and refuse to make new plans. Starting tomorrow I'm sure I'll make plans for the time, including meals, as my usual optimism should kick in. Who knows what the weekend will have in store! Plus I have Monday and Tuesday off (since I thought I would be away) and am excited to get to spend all that time with Paul who also has the time off. 

In Review:
Monday: Leftover Chicken Pot Pie and salad
Monday night I worked late, and then went grocery shopping on the way home. I heated up leftover chicken pot pie and served it with salad and then set to work making Queso Lasagna for Tuesday, writing the weekly schedule up on our chalkboard calendar and cleaning the house. I got to talk to our student Jessie while I cooked, which was a treat. Jessie is a super sweet girl. 
I'm thankful for leftovers tonight. Tonight I need to get through a stack of laundry to fold and put away, make Queso Lasagne for lifegroup, go grocery shopping, write the weekly schedule up on our calendar and tidy up the downstairs. Phew. 

Tuesday: Queso Lasagna
This is our new once a month lifegroup - not only did the meal go down a treat - but the time itself was lovely. There was non stop chatter and camaraderie - the group was so excited to be together. Afterwards we all gathered to talk, and pray and worship and it was a very powerful time - one of the guys prayed for Paul and myself and for the growth of our family and his words were so touching, it meant a lot. And on top of that, it was personally extra impactful as some of the girls took me aside to pray for me and for Paul and for our future family. They prayed very specifically through my past, and for our future - for my womb and for our hearts. I definitely cried and I felt so very loved and cared for. God is so good to give me this community, it's ridiculous. 

Wednesday: Crack Pasta Dry Ribs with roasted veg and rice stuffed peppers.
Wednesday I wanted to make Dry Ribs. So I did. I also wanted to use up vegetables - so I did. After making lunches and tidying I did devotions at the table and then was in bed by 9am. Oh, so nice.  

Thursday: Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice Pizza with salad
Thursday night I needed to race out to see my sister and my mom but had ran out of time in the morning to get food into the slow cooker so instead I threw a frozen pizza into the oven and made a salad and BAM dinner.

My night with Jenna and mom was really great - of course Mom got bored a lot, but that's to be expected. I stayed up with Paul for a bit talking and laughing and then enjoyed a quiet, not rushed bed time. I love my "Friday" that comes each Thursday.  

I'll be working around the house all day, possibly having lunch with a friend and will look forward to a warm creamy casserole for dinner. 

Friday I woke up feeling rested at 8am. I laid in bed and played a game on my phone until 9am and felt oh so relaxed. Then I got up and put dinner in the crockpot and tidied the kitchen, and after that it was time to meet up with my mom and sister for a walk with my nephews to the Olympic Village. We had a great time - lots of singing and chatting. 

 I'd snapped this photo of my mom, my sister and I and shared it on Instagram and Facebook. Then Paul commented:
Oh Paul, what a dork :) I love it.

The boys love Olympic Village though

Then I headed home for lunch with my friend Christina - I also organized my command center again as it gets messy over time. I took a nap in the afternoon and then my sister and her kids showed up for dinner. Jenna was there to hang out with me all evening, and the boys were going to be with me until late Saturday night. We got them to bed successfully and Jenna and I had girl chat and watched girl movies and it was a perfect sister date. 

Saturday: Melt in your mouth Chicken with vegetables Spaghetti & Meatballs
Saturday was looooong. Austie was up at 5:30am and by the time my parents arrived to hang out with us at 9:30am I was sooo tired. We went for a big walk to Granville Island. We had a great time with "Grandma and Grandpa". Lots of chat and fun....we also got soaked!! It was so rainy. When we finally arrived home we made sure to have a warm bath to get both boys warmed up again. Then I made us lunch and afterwards we drew and practiced our letters....and after that we had a big wrestle in bed and played some games. 

Around 3 I was starting to feel the tiredness so our friends TC and Irene invited us over to help keep the boys occupied and give me some more adult company. Mr. TC was great at pulling the kids along in a beanbag chair, or letting Austin be the "boss" at his big work desk. It was a perfect afternoon - despite the rain. 

Paul finally came home from his weekend away at 5pm and boy was I glad to see him! He entertained the boys while I made dinner and then the boys went to sleep and Paul and I played some Agricola. A nice ending to the night for sure!

Sunday I slept super soundly until we had to wake up at 9am. We headed over to my Aunt's house to celebrate with TC and Irene for a gender reveal party for their yet-to-come little bit. It was a super fun party and I am so excited for them. 

Then it was off to Costco and then back home to prep dinner, and organize the fridge for the week. My friend Ana was over so she and I chatted while I worked. Then it was off to church!

After church was Transformations, week 1 of a 10 week bible study. It was a great first week. I then rushed home to eat dinner from the crockpot (I liked this recipe and so did the rest of the house) before heading out to a Deacon's meeting. After the meeting I came home, portioned the leftovers into lunches and hit the hay!

And that brings us to this week. 

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