Monday, February 17, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, Feb 17th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Melt in your mouth Chicken with vegetables and pesto rice
It always matters to me that I make a nice sit down meal after a weekend away - I feel like I want my students to know I haven't forgotten them. Melt in your mouth Chicken is easy and tasty - which is good since I work late and have to head out by 7:30. The pesto rice is an easy choice since I made a large batch of plain rice that was only partially used up, so the rest will be tossed with pesto and served! 

Tuesday: Burgers
This past weekend we were away at a Cabin with friends (80% of whom go to our lifegroup), so I got to have all the leftovers to use to feed us this week. There were 18 burger patties (and all the fixings) left, plus some random extra's. I'll pull it all together with a pasta salad at home. 

Wednesday night I'll be home all evening (I have so much laundry to do) and wanted an easy dinner that would basically cook itself, so that I could focus on the tidying, food prep for the next night and laundry. 

Thursday: Tortilla Soup
Thursday is sister night so I'm making this tasty soup the night before.   

Friday: Grocery Grab
I'll be in the states all day Friday with a friend shopping for groceries and for a friends baby shower that we're hosting. Dinner will be whatever cool dinner idea is one sale at Costco that week so I can heat it up and serve it easily while I unload the car FULL of stuff. Ana and I are starting the decorating for the shower

Saturday: Appie Leftovers
Ana and I are hosting a baby shower for our friend Lindsay - it's going to be awesome. She's a Cali girl with a love for all things American and Mexican so we're throwing her a Fetus Fiesta, tex-mex inspired baby shower. Ana is an graphic designer and made a gorgeous invite and our pin board for the party is off the hook. We can't wait to put it all together, the purchasing has already started and the items rolling in are so cool. We are having a taco bar and there will definitely be leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: Forgotten Chicken with roasted veg
Sunday will be a resting day after the shower craziness - so I'll be throwing the chicken into the oven before church and will be so glad when it's ready after church. We have two girls coming over for dinner to plan an event for church.  

In Review:
Monday: Spasagna Party leftovers and last minute party saving dishes
Monday I got to sleep in and then met up with my lovely friend Julie for coffee at JJ Bean. We had such a lovely time together. After that Paul and I met up with my family for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and then I headed home for a nap - pure bliss. Afterwards I got up and assembled all the awesome food that we'd had sent home from Paul's Dad's 60th. Wraps, bites, a fruit tray and a veggie tray! Plus she'd sent along some pieces of cut baguette, which i turned into garlic bread. We were hosting our friends 40th birthday - a dinner potluck at our house. As the party started to fill up we realized we had more people than the garlic bread was definitely needed. Thankfully I also had a bunch of leftover mexi rice, and I always have cans of beans and diced tomatoes handy. There was a bunch of leftover velveeta as well - I threw that all together to make a mexi dip  and served it with leftover tortilla chips. It was a success and there was enough food for all. 

Tuesday: Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops with Orzo and Veggies 
Tuesday night was a busy night - we had non stop people coming and going throughout the night, as well as my cousin Jonathan over for dinner. The new pork chop recipe was awesome and I made enough for lunches for the next day also. We had our friend drop by to drop off some things and she stayed for a while to chat while I cooked. Then we had 4 people arrive at 8pm for meetings, as Jonathan left after dinner. It honestly felt like a revolving door. I loved it. 

Wednesday: Random.
I grabbed all sorts of random food from the fridge and made a meal. I had no plans and felt like mixing it up. I sliced some tomatoes and put seasoning and mozza on them and roasted the slices, so good. I sauteed up some onions and zucchini - heaven. I roasted up some potatoes with cheese and fried up some sausage. Bam, easy dinner. We spent some time watching Women's Slopestyle Olympics and then I made lunches and was in bed by 9pm. Such a nice night.  

Thursday Paul and I had dinner plans with a friend but I wanted to leave our house a nice, tasty meal before we left for the weekend. They always love this one and it's great to turn into lunch the next day. Winning!

Paul and I had a lovely dinner with Deve and Dylan, a couple from church. We talked until almost 10pm despite the fact that most of them had to work the next day. I am so glad to get to know those two better - and the dinner they served us was awesome.

Friday: Crockpot Chicken Chili and Hearty Chili Mac and Trader Joes Italian Meatball Soup
Friday was one of those very productive and lovely days. I got up at 8:30am and got the Hearty Chili Mac and Meatball Soup into the crockpots. Then I did devotions, and afterwards my friend Kayla came by for a small bible study. After she left I chatted with our housemate Lyndsay for a while and then ran out to pick up Paul, hit up Costco and swing by Superstore. We were home in time to unpack the car, pack up our stuff for the weekend and eat some Mac & soup. Mmmm. Then we were off for a fun weekend! More on that in the next post. 

Saturday & Sunday: YOYO
We were away in Pemberton with 14 of our friends - for a snow/cabin weekend. It was awesome, more to come shortly. 

We got back Sunday around noon - I heated up leftover soup and we happily ate that - so hungry after travelling. We got cleaned up and headed off to church (yay baptisms), then out to dinner (yay for visiting friends -two from calgary, one from Camrose and one from Nelson - and yaletown brewery) and then went to a 7:30pm meeting (so tired). I got home at 9:45, quickly threw leftovers into containers for lunch (praise the lord) and crawled into bed at 10pm, so tired. 

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