Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis the Season

In the midst of the upcoming move there is a lot to celebrate. Not only is it LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS, but also Monday was my Mom's birthday. Monday night we celebrated at the Maxwell's. We had dinner with our immediate family and then afterwards the Wiebe's came by to have dessert. It was a wonderful evening; it felt like old times with the family. And it was great to get to spend time with Austie and Connor, as well as have LeAnna there with Walter. 
Austie and I

Connor and Grandma. 
Connor was being a bit silly.

Mom reading her cards


The boys helping Grandma rip into her gifts.

We made brownies and then I made a cream cheese icing. It seemed a bit plain. So I threw in most of a package of fresh raspberries and it was amazing. Tart and sweet and sooo good.It was more drizzly than regular icing, but it was so good people were eating it with spoons once we were done with the brownies.

Dessert: Brownies with Raspberry Cream Cheese Icing

At one point we looked over to see Paul and Colin sitting strangely close together on the couch. It was one of those moments that reminds me of how giant Paul is! He made Colin look tiny. Plus the gapping hole of space at the couch, made this a very funny view.

We were all laughing about it for a while.

Austin kept running around with styrofoam on his head from one of Mom's gifts. 
Pretty fun.

It was great to have LeAnna and Walter with us - Colin and Paul especially both enjoyed chatting with her.

Auntie Sandy was thrilled to be in the same country as he grandson.
Who was dressed as Santa

Mom and I tried to get a photo. 

It wasn't super successful.

I tried to get a shot of Jenna and Walter but Walter was very distracted by Colin.

Jenna and Walter match!

Mom got a Keurig machine for her birthday from Dad, and Jenna and I gave her a slide for the machine to store capsules and a bunch of fun flavors. She loved her gifts. And she loved the dinner, it was a great celebration. 

Tuesday I woke up very tired after an evening of cooking, partying and cleaning. I rushed around the house, pulled on a go-to outfit and was out the door quickly after sleeping in. I love this easy outfit...I still looked pulled together for work, but felt cute and it was easy!

Polka Dot Chambray, Black jeans, Brown boots.
"Sister" necklace and high bun.
It's a blogger/pinterest outfit for sure.

Last night was our Lifegroup's final lifegroup in our old house and of 2012, and it was our Christmas party. So we celebrated. I made all sorts of appies: Smokies, Pizza, Wings (Asian Hot, Yoshida and BBQ), Crab Dip, Boursin & Crackers and Veggies & Dip. Christina and Anne brought dessert; cake pops and cookies. Josh and Dustin made homemade Eggnog (with Zach later attempted to chug). We ate food, laughed, played games, shouted, and were generally merry. It was a perfect last LG of 2012.

Then Paul and I headed over to the new house to take a peak at the painting Paul had done that day with some of the LG guys. He painted two walls grey. We had a bit of a miscommunication about what color of grey, so he went with a medium light color. I'd hoped for a darker color, however it's better than what was there before (patchy white) and it adds a bit of depth to the room. 

Monday the rep from Langara came by and approved our student room. So it sounds like we have two students with them, and then we still have Rachel from church. I think while Paul is a student we will try to have 4 students in the house, so we are on the look out for one more.

Next up: Installing carpets in one room (Paul is doing that today), packing up everything that's left in the house tonight, work Christmas Dinner tomorrow night, the big furniture move Friday, and the box moving on Saturday. Phew!

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