Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bread filled with awesome

I tried some Pinterest Breads recently. More specifically, breads stuffed with food. I made them for LG. They were a decent success though I have some tweaks if I were to try again, and some notes for Canadians trying to follow these recipe's. 

The breads:

For both of the above recipe's I had to make my own dough, as the stores in Canada didn't come up with frozen dough. Sadly. I went to 3 different types of grocery store. I made some 2 ingredient dough which made the process more time consuming and not quite as good as I think proper dough would have. 

My biggest obstacles came from trying to make all three at once and cook all three at once. My oven has one rack. Therefore this was more stressful than it needed to be. That being said, making these one at a time would be easy and not stressful at all. 

On top of that I would say my only real criticism of the recipe's would be that the Spaghetti needed more flavor. In the future I'll cook it up like I usually cook up sauce and then only use a cup, rather than just pouring a cup from the can. I'd saute garlic and onions, adding in lots of flavor (garlic and onion salt's, johnny's garlic seasoning) and maybe even some ricotta cheese. It was fine, but not amazing. 

The Cheddar and Broccoli Braid waas the clear winner, even though it was more of a pot pie than a braid because of how I had to cook it (strangely small pan). It was goooood.

All in all I would make these again. They were tasty and if the stars align and you can find all the ingredients, go for it! especially if you have boys to feed. I made 2 rolls of Spaghetti Bread, 2 Pepperoni Rolls and One Cheese Braid and with the addition of salad and a roll of garlic bread fed 16 people. 

Also? Deep thoughts by the husband:

I love my husband. He is confused by most things Pop Culture. 

Though movie wise it's been a good year for him: He loves James Bond, Batman and anything Tolkien - it's basically Paul's year for great movies. 

I'm jealous of that. 

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