Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catching Up

Despite the mad pace that life has been going at, it has also been a fun and enjoyable time. 

I mentioned in a post recently that we were going out to the Corporate Traveller event. It was a lot of fun! It was a really neat venue (Vancouver Urban Winery outside of gastown) and great service (Cocktails & Canapes). Not only was was the Corporate Traveller team a lot of fun, but the service staff from C&C were delightful. I talked to a few of the girls that worked there and enjoyed it so much. 

We also got to spend the evening talking with my boss, and getting to know a new friend Kathleen. It was a great night, and one we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Oh and they had THE BEST FOOD. Everything was on a stick/fork! I love it. Crab cakes, Risotto balls (WIN!), prawns, Chicken skewers, burgers...yes even burgers on a stick. My mouth was happy! 

Friday morning came quickly after the late night, especially since I had to work a bit earlier than normal. However it was a good day of work - productive and steady. Then it was time to head home and eat dinner quickly before Chapel. On our way to Chapel we stopped for some starbucks, and then we set off for the church. I must have sat on my phone weirdly because Siri was apparently eavesdropping in our conversation. This is the conversation that she thinks we had. 

I have NO IDEA what I was saying but I KNOW it wasn't that. 

Then it was off to Chapel! At Christmas!

I also discovered an easy outfit again. I've seen it on Pinterest many times - brown boots, black bottoms (skinny jeans or leggings), white tank top and chambray with scarf. It's easy and I love it. 

Also I counted 3 others at Chapel wearing brown boots, black bottoms, and Chambray or blue shirts. Apparently it's a uniform. 

As much fun as Thursday and Friday nights were Saturday rolled around and it was working time. Our church was doing a youth fundraiser - pay youth to work. Great. I did that. And they worked. I mean, they really worked. I had them for almost 4 hours and everything we aren't going to use in the next two weeks is now packed! Picture frames and everything. it's awesome! Half my kitchen is packed, most of my pantry and all of our books, movies, games, etc. 

I had hoped they might get through just our books and movies but nope! They did so much more! Best money spent ever. Honestly, I'd been really just doing this to be nice and help support the fundraiser, I didn't expect it to be such a blessing!

On top of that I finally got to wrap the Christmas gift we are giving out. We don't have many this year but it still adds up. And since we aren't decorating I decided the gifts could sit out on the side table and be our decorations. It makes me very happy. 

Saturday was just so productive. I also did some food prep - I was making a no-dairy, no-gluten meal for Sunday and needed to start on the dessert for it Saturday. And while all of this happened Paul was out doing homework all day. 

Then it was time to have a shower and get cleaned up since it was Paul's birthday party! We went to a local pub, Hudson's Landing and it was perfect. No fuss, no stress, and a great environment. 20 people came out throughout the evening, and no one sang to Paul (which he was very glad about, he doesn't like being the center of attention). The closest thing to attention he received was when they brought over a shot for him to drink.

It was a great birthday party. Great conversation, good food, and lots of laughs. Plus our dear friends Shannon and Josh came all the way in from Langley. We hadn't seen them since before our trip, so that was a definite treat!

Sunday I was awoken at 9am by a phone call telling me my friend Rebekah was engaged! I was so excited. I love Rebekah, and I love her fiance Tony. They are great together. This was good news. 

Since it was Sunday and since we had gotten so much done the day before Paul and I got to spend a very restful morning - we love to sit and chat, there's always so much to say. We both got to putter around the house together after that doing little things and I started some of the food for dinner that night. 

The plans for a no dairy, no gluten dinner included:

Spaghetti Squash, Hassellback Potatoes and Easy Garlic Chicken with steamed Asparagus, sauteed in garlic and olive oil. And lastly, Gluten Free Tropical no churn "Ice Cream"

When making the "ice cream" I wasn't able to find Coconut Cream but I found Coconut Milk instead. It didn't work as well, but it still made for a nice treat. More of a icy dessert than creamy, but excellent tasting, especially when served with berries. 

The chicken was once again tasty, though I think in the future I will double the sauce so i can put some under the chicken pieces as well, or cut the chicken in half so more of it gets sauced. 

Spaghetti Squash was a bit hit, after baking it and pulling it into strings, I sauteed it with olive oil, garlic salt and onion salt. It was good. Normally I like to throw some cheese in there, but definitely not with a no dairy requirement!

Not only was the food great, but again our time with the MacLeod's was awesome. We ended up staying up until midnight talking with them! on a school/work night! Totally worth it, despite the tiredness. 

And that is the tale of our very busy, but very great weekend. 

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