Thursday, December 20, 2012

It continues

Wednesday night was the last evening I was going to spend in our house (with furniture). Tonight we will be out at my work dinner and the next day the furniture gets moved. So I needed to make sure all the things that were in furniture were moved – basically the furniture needed to be emptied so it could be moved. Friday night I will pack anything not packed yet that is in cupboards and shelving that won’t be moving. Since our Fridge and Freezer are also moving with us, I had to empty those as well. We did the big switch over to our new house. That fridge is now stuffed full and our fridge and freezer are now both very empty. Minus a turkey that Paul forgot to take to the new house.

So we packed up food – frozen food, cold food and food from the pantry and carted it all over to the new house. It makes it feel more like home, even though the house is still empty aside from the student room. 

Today Paul is putting carpet into one room that had old carpet with chunks missing. It desperately needed replacing. 

Edited to Add: Here are the before and after shots

Today I’m at work. Like every other day. Tomorrow the movers come, so Paul and a friend of ours (John, married to my new friend Lindsay) along with the movers will be moving all morning. They will be moving furniture, anything big and bulky and then if there is time left, boxes. Friday when I get home from work I’ll be going to our old house and cleaning (gross, I hate cleaning) and after a couple hours (whether I’m done or not) we’ll head to the new house to tidy and organize because on Saturday we have all our friends coming over to help us move boxes to the new house. So the furniture will need to roughly be in place already, as well as our house totally packed. Phew.

On Saturday while people are moving our boxes I’ll be at the new house barking orders and organizing things. Whenever a new batch of boxes comes in I’ll direct people where to put boxes. I’ll also be working on setting up the Kitchen. That’s priority number one. Telus is also coming that morning to set up our TV, phone and internet, so it’s helpful that the TV’s will already be there on Friday.

Want to know a secret? I’m a bit nervous to set up my kitchen. It’s so big and useful. I’ve gotten used to tiny and crappy. I want to make sure I make it look good and use the space well. The Kitchen is the hub of my home…I want to get it right! But I have some ideas that hopefully will pan out. Like this for the corner cupboards.

This week I have been in love with my Rose Cardigan from Reitmans. It makes me happy and warm. I've worn it twice.

Jeans, Cardigan & Striped shirt - Reitmans
Necklace - Pick your plum

Jeans - Dress Barn
Caridgan - Reitmans
Necklace - Body Central
Lace White T - $5 at H&M

Alright and now it is back to work! There is only one and half work days left until Christmas. CRAZY. 

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