Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Pinterest attempts

Life seems to constantly be filled with Pinterest ideas. 
Ideas for moving, ideas for cooking, ideas for clothing, ideas, ideas, ideas. 
And I'm loving it. 

I don't have that many original ideas but I'm awesome at copying other people's ideas. So this is perfect. Now I can copy them from people I don't know, instead of people that I do know. 

I have discovered the Crock Pot. Specifically a Crock Pot with timer.

Last week I attempted Tomato Soup. It was awesome to come home to cooked food! Just blend and serve. It was decent. 

But on Monday I made something worth writing home about. I mean. It was good. So good. 

I found these taco's on a blog I read, and I pinned it for later use. 

And then I made it. And man. It was good!
The only thing I did differently than the recipe suggested was due to the fact that I didn't have Santa Fe Cream Cheese Cooking Cream. So I used Cream Cheese blocks and taco seasoning. Worked perfectly. 

You should make these. 

Speaking of making (nice segway, right?), I made some cool cups this week. I'd seen these cups on Pinterest ages ago and pinned them. I knew I'd never buy them since they were expensive but I thought I could maybe recreate them. 

Then I saw a tutorial and I was sold! I needed a gift idea for Christmas and found some white mugs with a bunch of super fun christmas drinks in them. So I bought the packages prepared to decorate the mugs. 


And after!

I love them. 

Now I know they aren't as cute as the gold mugs I'd first pinned, and I'm thinking I'll need to invest in some Acrylic/Ceramic paint to replicate them properly, but for a quick and easy first try, I'm pleased. 

Pinterest also tells me how to dress. And one thing it kept suggesting I do is to add more Leopard print. It didn't have to tell me twice, I love animal print. 

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

But I kept seeing it on the internets as a scarf or belt or flats. I only have animal print as shirts - one t shirt from Zellers and one tank top from superstore (actually a pajama top but no one has ever noticed!) I decided though that it was time to pull my animal print out again...and then I saw something @ Pinterest Made Me Do It that fit the bill. 

And after all that I ended up wearing my other animal print top on Sunday in a very similar outfit. I was loving the prints!

Speaking of outfits, Tuesday at lifegroup Jodi and I were kind of like twins.

After looking at the picture above I was feeling sad about how casual my Chambray shirt was, and wishing it had a bit more starch and flare to it. Then (in my daily blog reading) I came across this post by Cori @ La vie petite. 

I realized the Chambray shirt at Old Navy that she was talking about what one I already owned in grey and loved. And when I went to Old they were having a sale, so I printed out a coupon and headed over after work to pick up the shirt. I love it. 

While I was at the store I saw this and remembered that not only was polka dot chambray on trend currently, but also many of my favorite fashion bloggers were sporting it. 

Here is how I wore my new Polka Dot Chambray shirt. 
And I love it. 

And there you have it...a glimpse into the world of someone with no imagination of their own

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