Tuesday, November 8, 2016

From 1 to 2: Planning the kids room

In our last home I got to create a Nursery that I loved dearly for Avelynn. It fit my dreams and realities. I dreamed about it, friends and family helped me pull it together, and then Avie lived in it. And it was perfect. I wrote about my plans and the execution of them; here, here and here.

Then we moved. And technically, the perfect nursery came with us - but I haven't had the heart to put it all back together. I was overwhelmed to put back up her pouf feature without my besties (who had since moved to South Africa and France) or the gallery wall without the family that had helped put it together. Putting it together was one of the best decorating experiences I've ever had - honestly, I loved it. Packing up her room was super hard for me - which was a bit of a surprise. I mean, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, right? It's just a room. But somehow it was. And now I keep stalling. We've been here since May 31st, and it's the end of October now. 

But what's true about me is that I keep a room cleanest when it's organized and pretty. I find parenting easier when everything has a home, a place. AND I have a newborn coming in less than 2 months. It is time to conquer my fears or laziness or whatever it is and just start. Avie was away with her Grandpa and Grandma (Paul's side) so we could enjoy a parenting seminar and some time together - we had a few hours to spare so we started on the room! We brought up the newborn clothes and sorted them into drawers, and organized Avie's clothes. Now one side of the dresser is all Avie, and the other side is all baby girl #2 (such a personalized name, right?); Size 3 and 4 diapers on the left, newborn diapers on the right (how will we have a baby that small?? Those things are tiny). The room is pretty and organized now - all I need to do is decide what to do with the poufs (I have some ideas), put up the gallery wall (I loved having it and can probably do it with some help) and complete my closet dreaming (which I'll tell you about). 

Avie is in slightly bigger room now (with an ensuite!) and a deep closet. Currently, Avie sleeps in the crib (on the lowest level). We only have the one bedroom, and so the two kids will be sharing a room. To start, Baby #2 will be in our room in a bassinet for the first couple months, then she'll move into the kids room. Around that point, we'll move Avie out of the crib onto a floor bed, and move Baby #2 into the crib. AND Avie's floor bed will be made in the closet! Basically, I have seen some images for floor beds and teepee's, as well as kid pillows and twinkle lights - and I was hooked. 

First, I read about the benefits of floor beds

Second, I started looking at pictures of floor beds, tents, and bed filled with kids pillows. There were lots. Here are a few highlights:

Sweet floor bed with house frame! and mini doll bed! And stars on the walls!

Clara's Bedroom - Sweet & Simple Bed Canopy

Floor bed with tenting and pillows! The trifecta.

This final picture is my biggest dreaming point. It just makes me happy. The only problem is that there isn't the space in the girls room to put another bed, floor or otherwise. We already have a spare bed there for when Gram comes to stay. So we needed to look at alternatives. The closet seemed like an ideal spot. Deep and cozy. We were originally going to put a crib in there for Baby #2 but realized we could make a sweet spot for Avie instead. Here's where my dreams take off. 

We will be making a short (6 inch?) platform to put her bed on so it's slightly raised (that way we can fit a few things under it, like some books for Avie. Then we will be laying out a foam bed, topped with a fitted sheet and fun pillow, with draped material (and probably some fun garland) hanging from the upper shelf. There will be poufs and some twinkle lights. 

This is where we are so far with her closet - the platform isn't made, but the foam is to size and the crib sheet fits. Avie likes to crawl in and lay down - that's a good sign! #shehasnoidea #shejustlikessmallspaces

Finally, some of my excitement is back - I think once it really starts coming together my excitement will kick into high gear - the vision just needs to start being reality, and I suspect I will flip out. So I'm starting with her closet, as I assume that will get me pumped enough on the room to move to the Gallery wall. We've already got the foam cut for the bed, and a fitted sheet for it - it's sitting in the space and I can feel the flickers of excitement in my heart. Now, writing about it, I am again feeling that joy. I'll keep you updated on the progress! My goal is to have this done by mid November - a month before my due date (same timeline as Avie's room was ready before her due date!). 


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