Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dressing Bump #2, Weeks 33-36

Lately my body has been more sore than usual, so getting dressed is an interesting mix of fun and tiring. I still find that I feel better overall if I look pulled together, but days of sweatpants and comfy clothes are also very appealing! I've also been working more from home, trying to get ahead on my work so that I can take a month off when baby comes - those days I'm looking for an outfit that is comfy and just the right temperature (not too hot, or too cold) but also pulled together enough that I don't feel like I'm lazing around the house. If I wear sloppy clothes then I don't feel like working, so I need to be a bit pulled together. AND in all of this I was away on a girls trip to Victoria with some lovely women (and my also super preggo sister) so I wanted to look nice while I was away.

Comparing bumps


Lunch with Nana and Auntie Lesley

Fan Tan Alley with Lydia and Dina

Last pregnancy, at this time, Avie's room was totally ready, I was done work for the year AND I had a pretty chill schedule. This time I'm working hard to get ahead on work, I'm still pulling the room together (though if baby came tomorrow, we'd basically be able to make it work - Avie's floor bed doesn't need to be ready until new baby is a couple months old) and I'm spending my days looking after a toddler / doing more with Paul on jury duty and trying to keep up with life. I need to remember to make more time to slow down.

1. Ripped black skinnies, maternity T + jean jacket. Easy. 2. Wrap dress, non maternity. 3. Slouchy sweater (that I only like when I'm pregnant, from the Latest Scoop). 4. Favorite maroon skinnies, ankle boots that still fit, plain white T, and denim shirt. 5. Black skinnies, grey T and button up with vest. 6. Skinnies, rain boots, Jessica Simpson maternity top and cacoon cardi.
1. Slouchy sweater with skinnies and boots. 2 / 3. Stripes, skinnies and pendant necklace. 4. Comfy skinny sweats and a black t. 5. Black T and skinnies with pendant necklace. 

Work is an interesting thing - I never thought I'd be someone that chose to work during what could have been maternity leave. In Canada, we are so lucky to have a year off of work - paid (at 55% of your wage, roughly). I have paid in to this system my whole working life and always intended to take full advantage of it. Then I started a job that was basically my dream job. I work as the Operations Manager for my church and I love it. I over see the finances, and manage all the administration. I also get to prioritize relationships with people that I love - and work closely with a group of people who already had my heart. [I've written about my love affair with the church here] On top of that it would be a lot of work to train someone to do my job when I'm barely just learning to understand it all. This is a new position created with me in mind, so it's tricky to think of handing it off for a time - and thankfully I don't really have to. Paul will be taking 3 months of Paternity leave (his company tops up the government contribution, giving him 85% of his wage) to take over house and baby/kid stuff so that I can focus on feeding the newborn, sleeping and working. He'll be on Avie duty, house duty and other new baby duty once she's fed. We'll both get some naps in and keep everything ticking along. It's also amazing the timing of this baby - mid to late December would have already been slow times for work so it's easy to step out basically totally for those two weeks, and I'm working on prepping everything now for early January so that I can be pretty low key in my involvement for that time period also. Extra work now, for a sweet payoff then. I should be able to make a whole month of time for new baby. I'm really curious to see how this all plays out for us but so far it seems like it's going to work well. I'm thankful for such a supportive husband who is totally into this - especially since he really values my job. It's the first job I've ever had that has been a perfect fit. It is a job that thrills my heart and plays to my strengths and gives me victory in my day to day life. I love it. What a feeling! I'll let you know how this whole things plays out though - it's definitely going to be different than our day to day right now. We've never both been home for an extended time.

Avie as a lady bug and me as Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball

 My cute girl

Smiles at breaky!

While Jenna and I were in Victoria, our husbands took our kids to the Oregon Coast. This made for some amazing photos. See proof below:

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