Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dressing Bump 2: Weeks 29-33

I keep forgetting to take outfit pictures. Our last house had great full length mirrors and at work we had a full length mirror. In our new house, there aren't many full length mirrors and those that exist are awkwardly placed for photos. I'm trying to get better at documenting my maternity style, because I actually love looking back at my old photos to help get ideas for now. So this is my attempt - but also explains why there has been a month since I last posted but only have a few pictures to show for it!

Basically, my maternity style is somewhat similar to my regular style except for one major glaring difference - when I'm not pregnant I favor loose fitting t shirts that flow over my mid section, but when I'm pregnant I get to wear tighter t shirts - I like highlighting the baby bump. I know some people like to continue to wear flowy shirts once pregnant (my sister is one of those people) but I so rarely get to highlight my belly, so I love the chance. Plus I just like the look.

It's fall, so my "uniform" is booties, skinnies with a roll cuff, maternity t-shirt, warm layer (button up, sweater or cardigan), and a vest or denim jacket. It's easy and makes me feel great. One of my favorite things to wear when pregnant is the black sweatshirt in the middle photo (my twins photo with Avie). It has a nice cowl neck and wears more like a nice shirt, but feels like a hoodie. I have it in grey and black and it's definitely my go to, especially as it looks great under a vest.

My other go to outfit is loungewear that looks pulled together. Since I started understanding what looks good on my body and how to look pulled together, I haven't been able to go back to wearing baggy ill-fitting clothes. I spent years like that and now I just can't. So when I want to wear sweats or something super comfy, I've been so thankful to find that loungewear has kept up with the trends. I have a few pairs of sweatpants that are comfy but also pulled together - skinny joggers, sweats with some style, etc. And this is the one time I will also wear leggings with a baggier t shirt - my #thesnuggleisreal t shirt goes perfectly over leggings, when I want to be comfortable but still look nice for around the house.

Oh! The other time I'm ok with loose is with a dress - a dress with boots or booties or heels? I like dresses for church - unless I feel lazy, then I go for nice jeans.

And there you have it - ground breaking moments from my closet :)
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