Friday, November 25, 2016

Pretty Bathroom Organization

One thing that's been true abut me forever is that I keep pretty things clean, and I get overwhelmed in clutter. Before we moved my ensuite was fairly organized but not overly pretty. It was enough to keep me from getting overwhelmed but definitely didn't make my heart sing in any way. I was excited when we moved to our new place because the bathroom is way bigger and not only has a nice large vanity, but also a nice big cabinet to store stuff. I have been able to place some things out on the counter but leave most in the cabinet. The lack of clutter on the counter top has been great for my sanity - and for our marriage. Paul likes things tidy. Not pretty, just tidy. We had people who helped us unpack when we moved in, so the bathroom things were in the cabinet but they weren't organized and they definitely weren't pretty. This weekend Paul was away hunting so Saturday night once Avie (and her cousins, who were here for a sleepover) were asleep, I tackled the space!

First, I cleared it out. Then I wiped it down and organized all my items on the floor into types and PURGED. Once that was done it was time to start making things pretty.

I have tons of wrapping paper so I went and picked the girliest floral wrap with hints of gold (love). I measured and cut and then used double sided tape to stick the paper to the back of the wall. I loved how it immediately made the space feminine and special.

I also took a trip with Avie to Bellingham. We hit up the Postal Center, Costco, Trader Joes AND the kids' consignment store. But my heart was really captivated by our TJ Maxx stop. I was looking for pretty and useful containers. I had great success. I found a perfect dish to hold my pendants (that I string onto necklaces, depending on what I want to wear), a lovely marble dish (I loved the idea of the strength of marble, against the floral background) and a great little jewelry box (that I won't use to store valuable jewelry, since I don't have any, but I will hide random crap in it!).  I'd also bought a gorgeous Antler stand to hang things on a few months ago when I started dreaming about this space. Then I looked around the house for other things that I had - the cake stand I used in the last bathroom, a tiered stand that I used in my last kitchen but doesn't have a home here, a fun turquoise box I'd bought for our women's retreat, and a plastic container that I'd been using in Avie's room but no longer needed there.

After I had things generally corralled and in place, it was time to make storage for my necklaces. I had a 24 pack of command strip hangers that I'd grabbed at Costco a while back and a plan was set! I spaced out 9 hangers on both sides and then slowly hung my necklaces by type. Eventually, I found two big wide necklaces that I realized would look best hung on the back wall. I knew I couldn't hang much there because it would be held up by the paper, rather than the actual wall, but I figured I could get away with just two. I reinforced the back of it with more double sided tape (paper to wall) and then placed them. I loved the way it looked!

And there you have it. It's pretty. It's organized. And I've gone into the bathroom to look at it approximately 1000 times in the past days. Also, it took me a month to "edit" these terrible photos. I can happily report that this system has stayed in place perfectly, continued to bring me great joy and looks better in person.
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LeAnna said...

That looks awesome. I love those command hooks -- I use them for my necklaces as well, but I have them in my closet.


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