Monday, September 26, 2016

Dressing Bump 2, Week 28

I love getting dressed when I'm pregnant, especially this pregnancy since I get to dress a lot more casually now that I'm not working in an office. This transition time from summer to fall is a lot of fun too. I love a chance to layer!

My "uniform" this past week has been pendant necklace, skinny jeans (black, jean or maroon), maternity t-shirt, button up (plaid or chambray), vest (military or jean) and sneakers (black nikes or chucks). Easy to slip on shoes (a preggo must) and a lighter layer for fall - plus I always feel pulled together with layers. I love that this same recipe for an outfit can look very casual, but can also could be really pulled together, depending on the pieces.

This outfit came out of this pin - I couldn't decide what to wear and when I opened Pinterest this outfit sprung up at me and I enjoyed it all day. 

Photo by Paul, so I take what I can get. 

Easy morning layers - chambray and military vest with stripes

A great weekend outfit - skinnies, chucks, plaid button up for warmth, a plain black T and my ever present military vest. 

We were away on the island on the weekend and I wanted to pack light, but also feel good in everything. So I tried pulling together my first "capsule" style packing wardrobe. It was perfect! I still overpacked a bit but it was way less than I normally would and everything was so easy to wear together. I felt very victorious.

Shorts work as easily as skinnies when the heat sneaks back in!

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