Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bump 2: another little lady!

Wel, it's the middle of the night (or now the early morning hours) and I've been awake for most of the night with Avie. She just wants to play. I'm not entirely sure what to do about this anymore. She's been waking up, roughly, 5 out of 7 nights for the past 4 months and I just don't know what to do. She was a perfect sleeper before that. Then we moved and BAM. It all went to pot. So I try to be positive, I try to nap, but now that I work that's not always an option. Because of course, she stopped sleeping through the night the same month I started working. Of course. Thankfully she's cute. Even in the middle of the night. And Paul's helpful. Especially in the middle of the night. If you've got to be up at 3am, it's nice to know there's someone by your side! Plus this other smaller baby inside of me, she's definitely awake. 

Noodle Baby

Swinging is her favorite

That's right, SHE. We're having another baby girl. I'm ecstatic. Someday I would love to have boys (or, if I'm honest, I'm open to having boys - I'd love to have all girls) but I really wanted Avie to have a sister best friend, like I do. Having a sister 2 years younger than me (close enough in age that, once you become adults, it's basically like being the same age) has been such a blessing. Even when we were younger and great at fighting, I still knew I was lucky. As we've grown up and become friends and mothers and adults, it's been SUCH a blessing. I always have my best friend around. I'm always so curious if we'd be as close if we weren't sisters - would we have much in common? I like to think so, since we share many of the same friends, but who knows! Anyways. Back to the point. Paul was hoping this would be a boy since he wants to make sure we get once of each in this whole process, but we are planning to try for 4 kids (at least that's the plan now, ha!) so he's now just hoping the next is a boy, and is very happy that the girls can be friends. 

Me and my sister-best-friend (due just two weeks apart)

Edited to add. Avie is mostly sleeping through the night! We had to let her cry two nights but that only lasted 25 minutes and then went straight to sleep - she's a tired little love. The doctor recommended this and suggested we try putting her down even earlier. We'd been doing 7:30pm but moved it to 7pm, which has also made a big difference. 

Getting ready for sleep

Baby #2 - this pregnancy is pretty similar to the last one. My symptoms started sooner with this pregnancy but have been pretty similar. Heartburn - yup, Pregnancy Insomnia - yup, Restless Legs - yup, etc. One of the biggest similarities is space - or lack of it. Both Avie and Baby #2 sit the same inside of me - head down, butt up. The head is towards the bottom left of me, and the butt is towards the top right of my tummy. Or at least what I assume is the head and butt - since I know that the head is down. But I feel something pressing up on my ribs on the right. It's like when you try to push a beach ball under what but it pops up elsewhere - she shifts around into my ribs, popping up as she sees fit. Lots of movement. Lots. Feels like she's flailing her arms at times, and pumping her legs. She rolls and moves and I love the feel of it. Sometimes it's uncomfortable but mostly it's reassuring; it's like a secret conversation that her and I have. 

32 weeks, walking in Yaletown

I still love being pregnant but I can finally start to see what people mean about being ready to evict the baby. With the last one I only started to feel that way during labour. This time, I'm getting pretty sore. My body is fairly achy and everything feels so much more. I feel sore and uncomfortable. Breath can be hard to come by, my bladder is smooshed and sleep is tricky at night between Avie waking up to cry (she sleeps right away, but the cry still happens), the pregnancy insomnia that then keeps me awake, and then the movement of the baby that further keeps me up. So that's fun. If I don't get woken up at night, at least I sleep super well. So while there are only 7 weeks left, I can understand being ready for it to be over. I also embrace this time with one toddler and no newborn...for newborns change things. We embrace this time as a family - with just one little to keep us busy.

Family breakfast at Bon's

Family walk at Trout Lake

Daddy/Daughter love

5am Mom/Daughter date

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