Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bump 2

As with my last pregnancy, I keep forgetting to post pictures along the way until 26/27 weeks. So here I am, at 27 weeks, finally starting to post about pregnancy. This pregnancy is very similar to the last in most major ways. My only real symptoms are some swelling of the hands and feet (and brain, I swear), minor heartburn (starting much sooner this time) and entering fully into the pregnancy stereotype. My cravings are different - I am not craving ice cream nearly so much and can eat veggies again but I'm craving carbs this time. Since I'm not really eating carbs in life, it's a tricky tension to eat enough to satisfy what my body is asking for, but not indulge in something that makes me feel not awesome. Generally I'm much more tired, but that also has to do with Avie's fun habit of waking up each night since we moved, me working part time, and us still unpacking in our new place. Overall I love being pregnant again, I love the miracle inside of me and find it just as neat as I did last time. Thankful for that! 
At 18 weeks! (and my new closet!)

A trip to the sunshine coast as a family!

I get to be pregnant with my little sister. She's two weeks behind me. Here we are at 22 and 20 weeks!

We went to camp together to volunteer with our church. We enjoyed our matching bumps! Here we are at 22 and 24 weeks, with Avie to match! 

Toad costumes!

Camp was extra fun with Avie, as she gets older especially. 

With my cousin Jessi

Also? Avie is still super cute. 

Basically, I love growing a human and I love raising a human and both are awesome and tiring and super lovely. 
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