Saturday, April 16, 2016

Oh Snap, a photography themed baby shower

This last year my dear friend Laura had a baby, and therefore, a baby shower. Laura is a photographer (she has documented many of my parties) so I wanted a theme to capture that. The theme was, "Oh Snap, Laura's having a baby". And it went super well. 

I created an "Oh Snap" logo using Laura's favorite colors (Gray and Turquoise). I used this in the invite and also to make banners around the space. 

I decided a diaper camera cake would be a fun touch - and Laura loved it.

Also you can see the helpful mother in law working in the background!

Laura loves appies so that's what we went with - a collection of her favorite foods. Cheese & Crackers, chicken wings, crab dip, spinach dip, veg/dip and fruit/dip, you know, to keep us all healthy. 

On top of decor and food there were friends, and babies. Lots of babies. Lots of friends. It was a pretty great party all in all, despite how exhausted the mom to be was after months of sickness! Thankfully her new sweet baby, Micah, is well worth the exhaustion. 

Love you Laura, so glad you moved down here and we get to be friends. Congrats on your beautiful baby! (Not pictured, I'll let Laura properly capture her gorgeous kid)
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