Sunday, April 17, 2016

Baby A turns 1!

Somehow, somehow, our sweet little love has turned one. One! People always say "how has it gone so fast?" and "I can't believe it's been a year" and I feel that, but also I believe that it's been a year. A wonderful, full year. 365 days that have been filled with baby giggles and baby cream, 365 nights sleeping next to the baby monitor hoping that it's another night with no waking (50/50), 365 days without labour (woot) and a year being a family of 3.

We celebrated Avie's bday last weekend with friends and family. And boy, was it a celebration - the little party girl was so tired she napped through half her party and was passed out for the ride home. She knows how to party! She was adored and cosseted and generally made a fuss over. Plus food, sun, friends and wine. It was the perfect one year olds party.

Hanging gold & toddler snacks, ftw

Mini gold balloons

She's #1! She's #1!

Babies first cake, babies first sweet

Finally she gets the hang of it

Sharing with grandpa! I love this shot


More friends and family

Water table for more of a win. 

Avie and Uncle Clarence

Presents - Avie's new bear and camping chair (rhymes)

Avie trying out her new purple trike

This weekend her grandparents are in town from Texas and we get to celebrate again, now that she is officially One. This little love is well loved. Party #2 for the #1! 

Out for japanese food! Avie is awesome at getting in the shot

Gram shared her ice cream with Avie

Gram & Avie on a walk on the day of her first birthday!

Auntie Katie & Avie celebrate 1

Gram & Avie again! 

We also celebrated a second birthday for the little princess. We had Paul's mom & husband, Paul's sister, my sister & her family, my Dad and our student/sister Xiao. We ate well and sang for the little love. 

Party Princess

Baby's first nutella - success

Developmentally, boy, do things change in a year!

She drinks water from a sippy cup!

She eats muffins

And likes to lounge, feet up

She is always eating

And she feeds herself her bottles!

Also, she loves adventure. 

She took immediately to the swings and the bike seat

Family bike ride!

She loves loves loves swimming, especially with her cousins

And most terribly, she is learning to stand #gamechanger

Also, she makes the best facial expressions with her sweet, sweet face.

She is also very social, like her parents. So we see people. Adult people, baby people, kid people. Any sort of people, really. 

The moms & babies from pre natal class

Meeting baby Annora

Playing with Matthew down the street, just two weeks apart

They were so cute together! Babbling and giggling away. Precious.

Basically, life with Avelynn is basically amazing. I am so thankful for this bundle of sweetness we've been gifted. She's certainly a pretty rad kid - I can't believe I get to be her Mom. Happy birthday, my little love. Avie Javie, we're so thankful for you!

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Mrs. R said...

She's adorable! Happy 1st Birthday!


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