Thursday, March 31, 2016

Floral Fun & a Fashion recipe

I'm so enjoying decorating and picking clothes for me and Avie - as Spring comes I always love adding floral into all areas of life. For myself I've added some flats in different colors, as well as floral flats from Payless. I've found myself drawn to prints and patterns and cheery colors. I am loving onesies for Avelynn and lots of fun colors. 

Floral flats for mom

Turquoise onesie for the little

Coral sweater and knotted headband

I feel like I've finally found some clothes that are easy to wear and also look fabulous. I've been feeling particularly thankful for them. I've gone shopping at Marshalls and Target (as well as a few other random places) lately with great success. Basically, I've got a new standard clothing recipe. 

It starts with leggings or skinny jeans, and ankle boots, dressy sneakers or flats. Then always some sort of drapey shirt - tulip hem, open back, side slits, etc. Like these:


Topped with a loose sweater of some form - open back, side slits, tulip hem, etc. Like these:

And lastly I add a jacket or vest (and a short floral or long pendant necklace), and often a scarf. I love this style of vest I just found at Marshalls - though you can find them everywhere now.

And there you have it - my clothing recipe. Such good news to me. Being a mom can be busy and I'm so thankful for an easy pulled together recipe - much like in the photo above! 

In more style news, I have been loving decorating lately. In February, I had updated our house to be all hearts and valentine hints and have been enjoying adding floral highlights to it. It was all reds and lace and deep corals. It made me smile. 

I love deep coral roses

Hearts and lace at the front door

I wanted to do a chalkboard design on the chalkboard that hangs in our dining room. I found my inspiration on pinterest. You can see my inspiration and my result.


Our result, plus centerpieces

Also, I had commissioned Paul's grandpa Ted (Papa) to make a mount for the antlers Paul found years ago while hunting in Oregon and I was so happy with how it turned out! I didn't grab a picture of it mounted on the wall, but here it is mounted at least!

BUT now that it's deeper spring, I get to add turquoise and coral and pink and fresh green.

I made an Easter sign for the mantle and love it

I saw this wreath at Target and wanted to make my own version...

I started with fake flowers from Micheals

I found a grapevine wreath, a green M and an acrylic M

Complete! My spring wreath

It is now spring on my front door and my mantle. With our big move coming I won't be doing a ton of beautifying - mostly packing and prepping - but I couldn't miss the mantle and the front door!
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