Friday, March 25, 2016

DIY Marble Tray

I love the look of a marble tray. I have been wanting to have one in my home but didn't want to spend a lot of money OR work on something too involved. I had seen two bloggers I love do their own version of a marble tray with gold handles and they were gorgeous but intimidating. 

Version 1 - IHeart Organizing

Version 2 - Hi Sugarplum!

I decided to go a bit simpler and use some things I had on hand. Enter an old wooden tray (that I got when my grandpa moved into a home) and marble contact paper from amazon.

I cut out the marble paper to the size of the marble but it turns out my hand isn't super steady, so the edges were a bit wonky. 

I needed to then add something to hide the imperfections. I had Paul's grandpa cut out some wood which I spray painted gold since gold goes with everything (and my original inspirations included gold).

I love how it looks and I added some other pieces from both my grandparents topped with Paul's rocks that he's been collecting since he was a kid. 

And now I just want to have marble in every room. 

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