Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Snowflake baby shower

Our dear friend Snow is having a baby any day now, so a while ago her best friends and I decided to throw her a baby shower. The theme? Snowflake, for the little piece of snow! 

We were able to use the party room in Snow's building - this is a great space. White and grey - a great blank template for parties. We wanted to decorate with silver, white and turquoise. Snow is having a girl but there's just something so fun and wintery about turquoise, rather than pink. 

Here is the affirmation table -  tassles (made from coffee filters) laid out over a silver tablecloth with a turquoise runner. We left out pens and notecards for people to write on. 

After the cards were written on and slipped into the envelopes hanging on our feature wall

We put blossoms on the wall and a big white banner

I love the hanging snow balls made by Eunice

Snowflakes from coffee filters, hanging white and silver lanterns and a fancy tassle ribboned chair

We used wallpaper as a runner on the big island, grey and white cake stands and tons of turqoise bowls and platters. A hanging streamer and coffee filter design.

Coffee filter tassels strewn on the table again - I love how festive they look!

Ana made these fabulous photobooth props for another shower, so I snagged them for my centerpiece! I love the scattered polka dot straws!

Jenna chatting away while she babysits Avie. You can tell that Paul picked Avie's coat - it super doesn't match.

I hung a flag banner above the cake and added a congratulations flag that Paul's mom sent me - I saved it knowing it would come in handy over and over again.

Avie making more friends

More friends...

Cupcakes and friends

Two of my favorite people setting up

Snow - the gorgeous mom to be

This picture with Avie and Jenna would have been perfect, except JUST as we took it Avie knocked over a cup. I love how "in motion" this shot is. It went from perfectly posed to crazy in a moment.

Snow, radiant. And Avie with Carrie

Hard at work - I love the look on Xiao's face

Ling with Keppler and Lydia

Lovely ladies

For the mom to be - so many presents

Snowflakes and a snow drift

Xiao and Della - the best friends who spreadheaded this event

Most of the gang. Snow is one popular lady!

I LOVE this photo of Snow. So perfect. So gorgeous.

Snow and Xiao

The planners - Me, Snow, Xiao & Della

Us plus Mary - the fashion queen.

All in all, it was one fabulous night. Snow felt loved, the party was great and man, was it fun for caucasian and chinese ladies to come together to love Snow. Oh, it was good. Can't wait to meet your little one!!!

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JennyM said...

The hanging snow was a great idea, all in all your snowflake baby shower decorations were beautiful!


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