Friday, July 24, 2015

Avelynn is 3 months!


Checking her weight on her 3 month "birthday" at Ravengsong clinic

Baby life is certainly interesting - for example I apparently, like, never blog anymore (except this week - 4 posts after a month without!), which is a real shame. But you see - this is the real problem - I can't figure out which of my photos to edit and post. So many photos....

Chillin with her cousin


Avelynn is great in her car seat

Family time!

Avelynn is a super cutey. So it makes it hard to narrow it down, you see?

Lets see. What else. Last night was her 5th night in her own room AND the second night in her life that she slept all the way through the night. Or at least, that we slept all the way through the night. She went to bed at 9 and I woke up at 7:15 and she was still asleep! Only I realized that the monitor was on mute. Upon talking with our students I found out that she probably did wake up and cry (around 2am) but that we didn't hear her. Thankfully she actually seemed more cheerful this morning so that's an interesting sign. Edited to add: sadly the rest of the week she has woken up every hour all night. So yeah. fun. 

Let sleeping babies lie

She got stuck during a nap and was quite put out.

We adventure a lot with our girl. Lake days, pool days. walks, the gym, etc. She's used to going every where with us and deals well with it. We went to the lake with her last weekend and even though we brought her little tent to sleep in, she wanted walls so we ended up putting her down for a nap in a big costco bag (very supervised) and she slept for over an hour there happily. She's funny. 

Breastfeeding in the water - for when you have to feed and desperately want water time. 

She also sees a lot of family! Nana | Jonathan | Auntie Sandy

She's so far still pretty stationary - she can roll a little but mostly just spins in place when napping. I tried seeing if this toy would work for her to play with - I laid it on her and mostly she stroked it twice and then ignored it. So thus far toys are pretty useless to her. She likes holding blankets and shirts and grabbing hair and necklaces, as all babies do. 

One thing you can't tell from this photos is that Avelynn talks all the time. Sure she doesn't use words you can understand yet but she loves to express herself and test out her vocal chords. She chatters away often. She coos and giggles and smiles all the time. Even when I'm tired I am still just so happy to be with her. Plus, it's great to be home from work! She's sweet and she loves me, so that's pretty rad. 
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