Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas at the house on Chester Street

It's nearing Christmas - 15 days to go and our house has been Christmas ready for more than 2 weeks already! We love Christmas around here! Well I honestly thought it was just me that loved Christmas, and that Paul put up with it. But he keeps telling me how much he likes our house when it's decorated for Christmas - he remarks on it at least a couple times a week. He says it out loud because he knows how much I love hearing it, otherwise it would probably have remained in his head. Still though, it's something he loves too. Yay. And our students of course, they love it. That makes me very happy - plus they helped me decorate, while we listened to Christmas music and had apple cider. A perfect evening. So lets start at the front.

Our front entryway
The Christmas Tree's are leftover from a Starbucks Store holiday. They were discarded and a friend rescued them, then later gave them to me. I love them. 

I created this wreath in about 5 minutes! I hung a mini chalkboard (that I already had) from PYP ($8) inside a greenery wreath ($9) from Micheals. Then I strung some paper garland from Micheals ($1.50) and added a gold bow from Ikea (4 for $1.50). Easy and inexpensive!

Our entryway and stand for shoes

At the top of the stairs: Christmas'd bookshelf and shelving
The garland is from PYP, the top reindeer is from Target last year, the bottom reindeer is from Superstore 2 years ago and I made that rather unfortunate looking Santa Clause when I was 16. 

I added glass jars filled with tiny ornaments to our family desk

For the window overlooking our entryway I hung a chalkboard banner I made (using wooden tags from PYP) last year that says  Feliz Navidad, and strung the window with lights. 
I added my favorite silver reindeer from TJ Maxx last year and two pillows that I made by taking Target placemats, opening their stitching, stuffing them with batting and closing them up. It's how all my christmas pillows are made.

You can see more Target Christmas place mat pillows in green. So simple but such impact. I love it. 

I found that great brown tree last year at Hobby Lobby and glued red and yellow pom's to it - I love how it looks festive and still earthy. I also love how it looks next to the jar with berries!

Christmas Mantle

I love our mantle! Red berries against the wooden wall and rustic clock. 
Random collection of stockings all given to us. The red & white ones are from Nick & Laura once year when they gave us stockings. The mittens are from Paul's Dad & Step-mom and the boots are from Paul's Mom. They are all so random and I love how they work together.

I made the felt ball garland with our students last year and it ends up staying up all year.

Secretary & Mantle

My shiney gold peace on earth sign makes me smile everytime I see it. I love the snowman creamer set, though it rarely gets used. The flowers are left over from the baby shower this past weekend.
I had two ugly old paintings from a work move that I painted with chalkboard paint, ala Sarah M. Dorsey. I loved what she did for the holidays and this was my take on it.

The other painting is currently leaning on the bar until I decide where to place these two beauties. 
I love a festive bar!

I love the tree and glass sparkle

The gold, red and white pairing makes me so happy. I stop by here to gaze lovingly far too often.

Back further into my kitchen hangs my collection of Aprons with the Christmas themed ones on top. So often I have kitchen help that many aprons are a necessity. 

Then it's on to the coffee area! 
We have plans for that blank space of wall next to the chalkboard calendar but until that's finished I threw up a Washi Tape Christmas Tree to fill the space. It makes me smile.

Every year I can't wait to pull out my Christmas Mugs. The "joy" ones have a special place in my heart, they are a gift from Paul's Mom and they make me smile.
I added jars with chopped candy cane & chopped andes mint chocolate to sprinkle on top of whipped cream. The child inside of me (not the actual baby, but the young Tara that will always live in me) swoons at the decadence that drink toppings at home feels like.

I decorated our calendar for Christmas and it makes me happy. The yellow isn't quite the gold I wish it were, but it makes a passable offering.

I added an artificial Ikea tree to the bathroom - I love the texture of the planter, like a ceramic sweater. Plus you can see the christmas themed Kleenex box behind it - I have them scattered throughout my house (and my office at work) and they make me smile. 

Downstairs is the room you haven't seen much of online - I'm still completing it's makeover though it's closer than it's ever been (obviously). This is where our Green Bay Packers/ Oregon Ducks tree lives - only decorated in green and gold (though the colored lights take away from that a bit). I'm thinking a green and gold tree skirt will help solidify it's theme.

And that is our Christmas Tour! Our house has been thoroughly Christmas'd and I'm loving it. Up next is some Christmas Baking this weekend and to wrap our Christmas gifts!
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