Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where wine & water meet: A girls weekend in Victoria

Last month I had the chance to have a getaway with some lovely ladies; some lovely sistah's to be exact. These are women I've served with at Anvil Island, women I've prayed with, women I've laughed copious amounts with, and women who have spoken life and truth to me in hard moments. This was our second year getting away together; we took a trip over to Victoria on Vancouver Island. We stayed at the World Mark by Wyndham along the edge of the harbour. We had stayed here previously and loved it, so getting to stay again was a real treat. The suites we rent there are generally well decorated, very comfortable and BEST OF ALL, come with their own HOT TUB right on the patio over looking the harbour. It's basically my dream come true. (It's a slightly cool hot tub, coming in at 101 degrees, and after checking with my doctor she said it's fine to be in, as long as I get out as soon as I overheat. This means a good 10-20 minute soak still happens and leaves me super super happy and my aching back feeling so much better. 

But let me back up first. Thursday I came over to Victoria before the girls to spend the evening with my Nana, who is one of my favorite people in the world. We rested and chatted and had a most lovely time. The view from her house is, as always, soothing and beautiful.

Then after Friday with Nana and some time with my Auntie Lesley, I headed down to our accommodations to meet up with the girls. We ate food, hung out and had a wonderful first evening together, complete with pulled pork nachos. Saturday morning we slept in, enjoyed a great breakfast together then headed off for a day of shopping in Victoria (and a visit to Capital Iron with lunch at the Tapa Bar). 

Later that evening we had a surprise party up our sleeve, the lovely Miss Lindsey is getting married in December, so we threw her a surprise bachelorette dinner. We decorated the condo while she was out and surprised her when she returned!

We had great fun with party hats (also look, my baby bump!)
Me, Leah, Lindsey and Jenna

Margot & Shena

Gina & Margot

Our group shot!

We spent much of the evening talking and encouraging Lindsey - we talked about marriage and relationships, as well as love and God. She opened gifts, and we all had a fabulous time. 

Sunday we relaxed and ate together then packed up. We got our annual photo outside, which in the wind proved a bit tricky!

The actual sisters: Leah & Shena, Tara & Jenna.

This photo was hard to get - so much wind!

Plus our photographers kept taking selfies

Finally we got a couple

Then we headed off to enjoy Victoria - the gang went on a Dallas Road walk, and since my body was killing me I headed off to Starbucks to sit and blog (and watch Grey's Anatomy). It was a perfect time for me, and by the looks of it, they thoroughly enjoyed their walk. 

Lindsey, Shena, Gina, Margot & Leah

Lindsey, Leah & Shena

My peppermint chai with caramel brule spinkles

Then it was off to the ferry to head home - we ate excellent snacks and laughed. Lindsey and I chatted flowers for her wedding. As we headed down to the cars at the end of the ferry ride this was the view that presented itself - a perfect view to end a wonderful weekend. 

Thank you Sistah's and Victoria for a lovely, lovely time.
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