Thursday, November 6, 2014

Travel Excitement!

And with that (that being a super busy week at work and at home) it is 1:45 and at 2:45 I will be leaving the office to skytrain to Paul, so we can leave in our car at 3pm on route to America! We'll be staying with our wonderful friends the Rivisto's overnight and then they will drive us bright and early to the airport for our 7:15am flight towards Austin, TX! I'm so excited. 

Austin is awesome. I have only been there once but I loved it. So much great food! Warmer weather! We're going to have Mexican, Chuy's & BBQ. We'll go to Hobby Lobby! On top of that excitement we're going to be seeing some of our School of Ministry friends from summer 2012, which is a treat! Not only are those things exciting, but to top it off we get to spend the weekend with Paul's Mom (Nancy) and her husband, Cris. We get to see their new place and enjoy time with them. I'm really looking forward to it. Nancy and I are going maternity clothes shopping (I've been putting off buying anything until this trip with her - it seems like something that is more fun done together, than alone). It's perfect timing really as my belly has finally started to pop - I had my first "are you pregnant" question since being pregnant. It took me a moment to realize I didn't need to be offended, that in fact I was pregnant. 

At life group on Tuesday we asked people how their week's were - most people said the week flew by and they didn't even know what they did. That was not my story. This past week was full - bursting! Friends and family and house stuff and projects and parties....on top of all that God was doing stuff! Lots of times praying and having deep conversations - it's always so interesting to me when God stirs up feelings and stuff. So much to talk about with Paul and with friends. 

And back to travel - I'm all packed now - I have my purse and my small carry on - both are strategically packed. I have tea and splenda for the trip, an empty water bottle and thermos (to fill up after we cross security), books, iPad, keyboard and so much more. I'm looking forward to the moment I pick up a People magazine and sit down in the airport to do the puzzler - oh the small joys in life. 

And with that I'm back to finish working - I have a kitchen to clean here after a bunch of big meetings and a bunch of printing that JUST got emailed to me. Fun times! See you on the flipside! 
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