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Menu Plan Monday, November 24th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
MondaySlow Cooker Creamy Chicken Taco's
Monday night we have a Deacon's Meeting at 7:30pm, so a quick and easy dinner is super important. I have ripe avocados just BEGGING to be made into guacamole, so that'll be a nice treat. 

Tuesday: Crockpot Pot Roast

Tuesday is a church wide meeting called Equippers at 7:30pm. I love having a chance to gather as a church so that will be really great. I'm making a Pot Roast in the crockpot - but not a regular roast - a deer Roast! I'm curious how this will go, it will definitely be a first for me. I think I'll be making mashed potatoes in my other crockpot as well and will just need to cook up veggies when I get home. 

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Toquitos
Wednesday night is actually a free night - meaning a time to work around the house. I'll try to tackle at least one item on my list at the bottom of this post, after dinner. 

Thursday: Creamy Crockpot Chicken & Broccoli
Thursday is my favorite vendor function of the year at work - Sutton Place Gingerbread Making Luncheon. This marks the start of my Christmas Holidays every year. Then after work it's my sister night, so I'll get to spend some time with my nephews and sister. Then I'll probably try to hit up one task from this list. 

Friday: Crockpot Easy Chicken Tetrazzini

Friday is Black Friday - I can't decide if I feel like hitting up the mall or not. I don't have a ton to buy, but I do have a few Christmas items I need to pick up. I'm not sure if it's worth venturing to Metrotown on a crazy day or not...I'm leaning towards staying home and tackling things around the house (from the list at the bottom of the page). Friday evening is our friend's birthday after dinner. 

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday morning we have a decorating time for my lovely friend Ana's baby shower, then I hope to tackle one thing on the list and then NAP, before heading out to a girls night since the men will be away at a Men's retreat for Saturday and Sunday. 

Sunday: Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup

Sunday I will spend some time with my mom in the morning since my Dad is away at the Men's retreat, then will nap before church, get dinner in the Slow Cooker & hopefully get another item from the list complete. We'll see!

Week in Review: 
MondayPotato Skins, half pulled pork, half shredded chicken. 
Monday night was an at home evening - I swung by IGA and Costco on my way home, and while at home I prepped potatoes for the following night, shredded chicken, put broth on to cook and did a bunch of other kitchen stuff, as well as put all the groceries away and make lunches. Busy but needed! We had a guest in town from Calgary so she helped me with my work, and it was lovely to spend time with her! I love spontaneous guests, especially from our sister EN church. 

Tuesday: Ham, roasted golden beets & sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes & side salad. 

Tuesday was life group - I threw a ham into the oven (always easy), roasted some golden beets & sweet potatoes, heated up mashed potatoes, baked some other potatoes & pulled together a side salad. It was most tasty. Life group itself was lovely - we were in small groups and it was such a sweet time. People stayed around chatting a while, and I prepped the next days lunches and dinner. 

Wednesday: Spaghetti, and a side salad. 
Wednesday was a surprisingly relaxing evening, despite the fact that it was fairly busy. The deer meat spaghetti was a big success (I had mine with brown rice noodles this time). I made lunches easily from the leftovers and got to catch up on some Grey's Anatomy before our womens ministry meeting, which was just lovely. We got lots done and I always love time with those women. My Dad came over at while I didn't get to bed on time, I did have a lovely time talking to him, which was so needed. 

Thursday: YOYO
Thursday we were out at our friend's John & Lindsay's place for dinner - they served us a super delicious dinner and we had a wonderful night talking with them. I'm so glad we met them and have built this wonderful friendship. 

Friday: Slow Cooker Butter Chicken
Friday was a pretty busy day - I had to hit up Costco & Superstore, Home Depot, the Liquor Store & Whole Foods, as well as Micheals & the Florist. Phew! It was not a fast errand morning. I had an ultrasound in the afternoon, which Paul joined for (he was working on site where the ultrasound was to take place) and my nephews and sister joined as well. The Tech didn't have much bedside manner, I wasn't impressed with her at all, but it was reassuring the hear the heartbeat and see that Baby Morgan is growing healthily. I'm waiting on PINS AND NEEDLES to find out what the gender is - I assume my doctor will call today, otherwise I don't know what :) We have a pretty strong feeling we know the sex, and have had various people agree with us (read almost everyone, except 2) but will be glad to know for sure. 

Friday I whipped up some tasty Butter Chicken for us and our housemates, and then we had a group of friends over after dinner for board games and snacks and hanging out. It was so lovely. Most of our favorite people were there and it was a treat. 

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday our lunch plans were cancelled, but I realized my friend, Ashley, was in town leaving that morning at 10:30, so I met up with her at Horseshoe Bay for breakfast before her ferry which was a real treat. I got to meet her fiance, and enjoy time with her. We haven't really hung out in years, it's been way to long. This was lovely. 

I headed home and napped for 2 hours (oh so good), then got up and organized the entire fridge. it was bursting from having a big party, and needed a good cleaning out. It was sparkly and organized now, with lots of breathing room! 

Then it was off to Surrey for a Morgan Family dinner. We were celebrating Paul's step-brother Kevin's birthday. It had been quite a while since we were all together; it was a really nice night. Then we headed home to watch some TV in bed and be asleep by a good hour!

Sunday: Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki Forgotten Chicken, with potatoes, asparagus & salad
Sunday we slept in and rested as long as we could. It was lovely. Then we realized there was tons to do around the house, so we did it. It felt so good to target all the little problem areas that crop up when you're busy. Paul fixed a toilet and worked on the dryer, I organized the pantry and the tupperware containers (in desperate need of organization again after a month of students putting dishes away) and then Paul and I rinsed and washed beer bottles for our next batch of U-Brew. We needed 240 bottles since we are making extra for his 30th birthday. We're doing a Porter and a Lager. Hope to make everyone happy!

Then it was off to church! Pastor Greg preached a wonderful message on marriage that I found really helpful. It was a reminder of what is true in our marriage and what our priorities should be, and how to walk that out. So helpful. There was also a baptism at church, which always feels exciting. Then it was home to take dinner out of the oven and sit down to eat as a household (always feels so important to do) before an evening of Apple Cider, Christmas Music & Decorating! We decked the tree, and filled the house with golds, reds and sparkles. So happy to go to bed with Christmas in the air!

A To Do List:
And as the weekend went on I realized I have a to do list that is not short. It helps me to write it out, so here it is. 
  • Research & Sign up for Pre-Natal Classes
  • Organize & sort guest room closet
  • Finish Sewing Desk Makeover
  • Finish Craft Room
  • Turn Christmas Placemats into Christmas Pillows 
  • Divide & freeze homemade broth
  • Put USA trip groceries away - currently in garage
  • Finish Mug Hanger for Kitchen
  • Sort the three stacks of random crap in my bedroom
  • Finish unpacking from Austin!
  • Christmas Cards
  • Graphics for Ana's shower
  • Plans for Paul's 30th birthday
Phew! Hopefully I can tackle those in the next 20 days, so that the 10 days of Christmas can be focused on the holiday, rather than doing crap around the house! 
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