Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Plan

Rather than do an official Menu Plan Monday, I thought I would do a Holiday Plan for you....and really for me, since getting it all done helps keep it organized in my head. 

Thursday, the 19th: Mac & Cheese, plus party food
We're having a small casual christmas gathering with some of our friends. First I'll make Mac & Cheese for the house, and to put out for anyone that wants some. I'll also be putting out some smoked salmon (that we got at work as a gift), cheese, meats and crackers for nibbling. We also have many sweets leftover from a week of parties. But that's all! Normally I go so overboard with food and I refuse today! Casual! Though I will be making a batch of this (Peppermint Hot Chocolate) in the crockpot. 

We also have dear friends, the Maynards, spending the night Thursday and I get to hang out with Candace all day Friday. I could not be more excited. 

I have plans later on in the evening, so does Paul but we're home for dinner first. Then I'm going to a girl hangout with some lovely ladies

Saturday, the 21st:  Christmas Dinner at Jenna's house
Bright and early, Paul and I head to America for a final christmas grocery run, and we'll swing by Costco Canada on our way home. We won't need to go shopping again until after Christmas - Praise the Lord. Then we're off to my sister's house for a Christmas Dinner with International Students - it should be a fun time. After that we'll be home by about 8pm and have a stay at home christmas date together. Also, for sure, some SNL. 

Sunday, the 22nd: Man Pleasing Chicken, Roast Veggies & Rice.
Sunday we're having friends over for brunch. I'm making breakfast Enchiladas. We're hanging out with them and playing games in the day. For dinner I'll be making Man Pleasing Chicken, then we're heading out to our ENV Church Christmas party afterwards. I'll be bringing homemade butterscotch/peanut butter fudge and peppermint bark. 

Monday, the 23rd: House Christmas Dinner: Mexican Style
Monday is my last day of work. Then it's home for a House Christmas Dinner. Our house LOVES Mexican food so that's what we'll be having. Not sure which type yet. Here are the top  contenders:
Then late on the 23rd we leave for Surrey to stay with the Morgan's (Paul's Dad and Step mom). We will be there until the 25th. 

Tuesday, the 24th: YOYO (You're On Your Own)  [Morgan Family Dinner]
Christmas celebration with the Morgan's! This will be a great, relaxing and fun day. I can't wait. Big dinner that night as well. 

CHRISTMAS DAY, Wednesday, the 25th: Christmas Dinner at our place
We wake up with the Morgans and enjoy breakfast together, then Paul and I head back to Vancouver to host dinner at our house. I'll put a turkey in (in a leisurely fashion), Paul and I will open gifts together and then we'll await our guests! We have quite a few people coming.
  1. Paul
  2. Me
  3. Dad
  4. Mom
  5. Jessie (our student)
  6. Joanna (her friend)
  7. Duncan (our housemate)
  8. Jenna (My sister)
  9. Colin (Brother in law)
  10. Connor (nephew)
  11. Austin (nephew)
  12. Finja (Jenna & Colin's student)
  13. Xing (Jenna & Colin's student)
  14. Jason (church friend)
  15. Auntie Lesley (my mom's sister)
  16. Hanne (church friend)
  17. Drian (church friend)
And those are just the "for sure's". Phew!

It will be a day filled with fun, family, relaxing and food. We'll play games and hopefully watch a holiday movie - probably Elf. 

Thursday, the 26th: Holiday Leftovers! 
This is relaxing holiday time - no plans just free time! We hope to see a lot of the family over the next few days as well as complete some projects

Friday, the 27th: Chinese Food - Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken, with Fried Rice. 
Another relaxing day, followed by Chinese Food at our house. Always a fun addition. 

Saturday, the 28th: YOYO (You're On Your Own) [Mitchell Family Dinner]
A Mitchell Family dinner, following a day of hanging out family. I can't wait!

Sunday, the 29th: Pork Ramen Stirfry
The last day of the holidays for me - church, and an easy dinner.

Projects to work on over the Holidays:
With time off, comes the desire to finally finish the projects that have weighed on my mind. I have a goal to accomplish four projects.
  1. Greek Key Stencilled Art (for our bedroom)
  2. Completing a Miniature Mounted Menagerie
  3. Painting my bedroom nightstand turquoise
  4. Sewing Cloth Napkins to make Pillow Cases

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The Kirksey Family said...

Thanks for making my Mac and Cheese! I'm flattered and hope you love it!


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